Top 10 Health Articles on Portage.Life in 2019

Top 10 Health Articles on Portage.Life in 2019
By: Contributor Last Updated: December 23, 2019

We published hundreds of articles on the Portage.Life Health Section this past year. Saved lives, notable symposiums, and stories of people doing great things were all fair game for sharing. With so many notable events in Northwest Indiana, it’s no wonder we had so many stories to choose from!

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Practical tips can take you through a successful Great American Smokeout

Quitting smoking isn’t easy. It takes time and a plan. You don’t have to stop smoking in one day - start with day one.

Halloween candy buyback event gives back to community, benefits children, too

As the spooky season wraps up and Northwest Indiana heads toward the winter holidays, the children who braved the cold on Halloween to get their candy are enjoying their hard-earned sweets. However, those who decided to trade their candy to Advanced Dental Concepts’ Halloween Candy Buy-Back event in Portage Friday night might have gotten the better deal in the end. 

A NorthShore Health Centers Employee Spotlight: Megan Walker

Megan Walker had always liked science growing up, but like most high schoolers, she never really had a solid idea of what she wanted to do as a career. Things changed quickly after one of her high school teachers recommended her for an office job at a doctor’s office.

Porter County TRIAD partners with Community Healthcare System to host 2019 Health Expo

Hundreds gathered at Community Healthcare System’s St. Mary Medical Center on Tuesday for one of the Region’s biggest health fairs, the Porter County TRIAD Health Expo. Featuring dozens of booths, free breakfast and lunch, and a pair of guest speakers, the expo equipped seniors with the knowledge they need to stay safe and healthy for years to come.

Family fun and information abounds at NorthShore Health Centers’ 5th Annual Patient Appreciation Health & Fun Fair

When Dywanna Medina arrived early at NorthShore Health Centers’ Lake Station office for her prenatal appointment on Tuesday, a pleasant surprise greeted her and her children in the parking lot.

NorthShore Health Centers merges with Frontline Foundations to bring substance abuse care to more communities

When Frontline Foundations approached NorthShore Health Centers about the possibility of merging, it didn’t take long for CEO, Jan Wilson, to know it would be a good decision. On July 1st, the merging of NorthShore Health Centers with Frontline Foundations was official, and Wilson is looking to the future to expand the Frontline Foundation model of treating substance abuse throughout the Region.

Building ‘Yes Brains’ at Porter-Starke Services’ 2019 Living, Balance & Hope Symposium

“What we give attention, what we really pay attention to, can change how our brain is firing and wiring," said Dr. Tina Payne Bryson, keynote speaker at Porter-Starke Services’ tenth annual Living, Balance & Hope Symposium.

Porter Regional Hospital Celebrates 2019 National Donate Life Month

On Tuesday, Porter Regional Hospital, honored the sacrifices of organ and tissue donors and celebrated the lives of those they saved in observance of National Donate Life Month. Every April, Porter Regional Hospital marks Donate Life Month with a ceremonial flag-raising and gathering.

Advanced technology, expertise power rehab services at Addison Pointe Health & Rehabilitation

Walking. Golfing. Jumping in puddles. Playing with your grandchildren. Movement in general is something most people take for granted. But when your body’s joints, muscles or nervous system are working against you, where do you turn to reclaim your quality of life?

VNA of Northwest Indiana reminds medical professionals “Death Isn’t a Failure” with presentation

VNA of Northwest Indiana has watched awareness in hospice and palliative care grow over the many years they have provided patient-focused support services around the Region. Yet for many physicians and other medical professionals, approaching the topic of transitioning a patient to hospice care is difficult.