The Road to Pittsburgh – “There is No Tomorrow”

By: Jeanette Gray Last Updated: August 4, 2012

jgray-heinz-fieldWhen the moment finally arrives you can’t forget to enjoy it. I took it all in for a second yesterday when I walked by the entrance to Heinz Field. Of course I snapped a picture and moved on and as I sit in my hotel room the morning of game day I am very very excited. You can’t let nervousness paralyze you or let the fear of making a mistake cripple you. You have to enjoy where you are.

I am excited to be taking the field for the very last time with this exact group of players. It will never be the same as players and coaches will move on in their lives. There is no tomorrow for this group of individuals. During the season it is easy to take for granted another practice or another team meeting or another film session, but now I look back and it all went so fast. However, every moment – good and bad – that we have gone through was necessary for this team to get where we are today.

We have been watching a lot of Olympic coverage as we relax in our hotel rooms and in the spirit of competition I feel lucky to be given in the opportunity that stands before me today. It is the tenth year our organization has been around and this is only the second time we have advanced to the championship game.

It is the 40th anniversary of Title IX – which has given not only me but millions of little girls opportunities that others before us never had. We are playing the first women’s championship game in an NFL stadium – making history.

After a team meeting last night and this morning as well as a few meals with the other ladies of the Force we are prepared and ready to go. This is what you play for….this is what you practice for…this is what you condition for. Possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity – and I will take full advantage. No matter what the outcome is around 6PM Valpo time I am proud to wear the red and black of the Force and I will remember this day for the rest of my life.

There is no tomorrow – 60 minutes, 6 seconds at a time!

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