1st American Management Co. offers full-service options for residential and commercial properties in NWI

Aubrey Thomson
By: Aubrey Thomson Last Updated: April 19, 2022

1st American Management Co., Inc.  AMO® is the largest locally owned property management firm in Northwest Indiana, handling a portfolio of nearly two million square feet of commercial space and over 140 residential condominium/townhome/homeowner associations.

While 1st American Management now boasts a large team, the company was originally a small department within Harley Snyder Companies and Coldwell Banker 1st American before breaking off and becoming its own separate entity.  When Coldwell Banker 1st American first purchased Harley Snyder Companies, the property management division was included.  Coldwell Banker was a brokerage firm first and foremost and did not necessarily see the potential value of the management side of things.  As opposed to allowing the department to be disbanded, John R. Marshall saw an opportunity to grow as a separate entity.  The company achieved initial growth through referrals from Coldwell Banker 1st American and a relationship with local developers.  Over the years, 1st American expanded its base by purchasing smaller property management companies and setting the standard for full-service management.  Continued growth occurs thanks to referrals from existing clients.  In January 2021, long-term employees Michael R. Bottos, CPM®, and Gina Manns, CPA purchased the company from John R. Marshall, CPM® who remains a property manager and advisor.  

1st American works with commercial property owners to assess their investment goals and position the property to increase in value.  They handle both the day-to-day maintenance and the financial management of the properties.

On the residential side, 1st American Management works with each association’s board of directors to handle the daily operation of the development.  They provide complete financial management and reporting as well as full-service facility maintenance.

Due to the size of its portfolio, 1st American is able to negotiate favorable pricing with vendors and pass those savings on to its clients.  1st American is a full-service management company that currently includes a team of 30 property managers, accounting and office staff, 16 full-time maintenance technicians, and 6 seasonal staff members.  The maintenance technicians are out every single day providing routine maintenance, cleaning, and inspections as well as responding to any immediate needs and emergencies. These full-service capabilities provide savings for the properties they manage and set 1st American apart from its competitors.

On the accounting side, 1st American utilizes cloud-based software that enhances the experience for residents and tenants.  The software offers real-time access to account information and association documents along with online payment options.  

1st American Management may have grown, but still considers itself “a good little company” that takes care of its employees and community.  

For more information about 1st American Management Co., Inc., AMO®, visit https://1stpropertymanagers.com