TraderPlanet.com Achieves 40,000 Member-Milestone And Announces Launch of Web Video Service

By: Contributor Last Updated: May 19, 2010

TrPlanet_Today.jpgwww.TraderPlanet.com, a social-networking site for traders and investors, announced today that the TraderPlanet community has reached its 40,000-member milestone. Since its launch in January 2009, the TraderPlanet community has attracted over 350 contributors offering educational information and resources to its members from over 150 countries around the world.

"We're happy to have achieved this significant milestone -- bringing us one step closer to achieving our mission to provide the best educational resources for individual traders and investors to help them navigate today's volatile global markets," said Lane J. Mendelsohn, Founder and President of www.TraderPlanet.com. "Our community allows experts to share their knowledge and experience with traders and investors who want to learn more about the challenges and opportunities of trading and investing in the global financial markets amid these turbulent times through a broad spectrum of media communications including webinars, video learning, and chat. A key component of the teaching/learning aspect is the interactivity of TraderPlanet's social networking community. Our members share information with their peers around the world, creating a global, collaborative, and highly relevant educational experience aimed at helping everyone become more successful at making their trading and investing decisions."

TraderPlanet is expanding its media scope in announcing plans to launch TraderTube, a web-based video service scheduled to debut in mid-May. TraderTube will feature exclusive video channels that will cover topics relating to trading global markets. Topics will highlight various technical analysis methods, demonstrated by noted trading experts who provide the content for each video channel. This innovative video service will be provided free of charge upon member registration. The first video channel to premiere will be an exclusive Larry Williams channel. Following the initial debut of the service, other well known experts in the industry will join the service to provide a wider spectrum of proven techniques to assist individual traders in improving their performance.

"I am honored that TraderPlanet.com has asked me to help kick off this educational program because I know that knowledge is what separates winners from losers in this business. In my 48 years of market gyrations I've learned a few things that I honestly think can make a big difference for every trader and I am pleased to share them on my very own TraderTube channel " said Larry Williams.

"With the launch of TraderTube, we are building upon the enormous popularity of our current inventory of free trading videos. In collaborating with top technical analysis experts and noted traders in the industry, we seek to take our membership benefits to a whole new level. Traders will be blown away by this exciting new addition to TraderPlanet's resources for traders, as we continue to merge the attributes of social networking, financial education and web video," added Mendelsohn.

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