Easy winter meal solutions for the whole family at Strack & Van Til

By: Julia Demma Last Updated: January 15, 2020

During the week, it sometimes may seem like there is little time to catch your breath, let alone spend hours cooking a family meal after a hectic day. In 2020, say “no” to time-consuming meal prep and cooking and let Strack & Van Til do the work for you, so you can focus on what’s important in your life.

This winter, before you leave to conquer your day, simply place delicious pre-packaged meal ingredients into a crockpot, add some water, and go about your responsibilities. Strack & Van Til offers this easy meal solution in three delicious comfort food variety Crock Pot Packs: savory Certified Angus Beef Brand Pot Roast, tender Smithfield Prime Pork Butt, and succulent Hand Trimmed Boneless Chicken Breast.

“Place the ingredients in your crockpot in the morning, add water, stir, and let dinner make itself,” said Gary Teachman, Meat and Seafood Department Director at Strack & Van Til.

Strack & Van Til is committed to offering customers superior products. The company is proud to carry Certified Angus Beef®, a brand that defines the standard by which all beef is measured. Each cut is perfectly marbled, extremely tender, juicy and packed with flavor, and every cut of Certified Angus Beef® is judged on 10 exacting quality standards. Only the best cuts of beef qualify—because only the best can be called the Certified Angus Beef ® brand.

Strack & Van Til also takes its pork quality seriously. That’s why Smithfield Prime Premium All-Natural Fresh Pork is featured in every store. These hand-trimmed cuts included in the Crock Pot Packs are hand-selected with care and are 20 percent more tender than other brands. From Smithfield Prime’s juicy tenderloins to naturally tender pork shoulders to meaty chops, these products are chockfull of premium flavor. The Smithfield brand is committed to setting the industry standard for providing customers with the highest quality and safest U.S. born and bred products possible, is USDA certified, and guarantees the highest environmental standards in their production process.

At the beginning of a busy week, plan ahead and make the choice to pop into your local Strack & Van Til to relieve the stress of those “What’s for dinner?” questions filtered throughout the workweek. Each ready-to-cook, 5-lb. Crock Pot Pack is stocked with enough food to serve four to six people. Included are 2½ lbs. of beef, pork, or chicken – cut into one-inch cubes so you can skip the prep work –, one pound of petite carrots, a 1.6-oz. package of celery, whole golden potatoes, and Strack's signature seasoning packet to bring out the rich flavor. Simply put the bag’s ingredients into the crockpot, cook for seven hours (on low temp), remove, and enjoy. No mess and no stress.

For another quick way to put dinner on the table, don’t forget the Meat and Seafood Department’s Meal Solutions Made Easy, including made fresh daily Quick and Easy Take & Bake Meals and Steamable Bags.

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