The Human Touch: how Horizon Bank stands apart with an individualized approach

By: Kayla Belec Last Updated: December 5, 2019

Whether you’re opening a checking account or seeking guidance on opening a home equity line of credit, turning to a trusted advisor in the financial industry is a great first step. Finding one who will actually listen to your questions and work to understand your personal goals is another matter entirely. Horizon Bank takes this human approach to advising.

Having just announced record-breaking quarterly earnings, it’s clear that Horizon Bank is leading the way in the financial sector in our region. And while profitability and a growing footprint are vital to the recent strides of the company, Horizon Bank credits their workforce as the cornerstone of their success.

Focused on individualized guidance, Horizon Bank’s team lets its customers take the reins on the conversation. Horizon Bank’s goal is to fulfill and anticipate customer needs with exceptional service and sensible advice, and both of those strategies derive from listening.

“Our Advisors lead with listening. Our story isn’t half as important as the person sitting in front of us when it comes to their personal or financial matters,” said Cindy Pressinell, Senior Vice President Marketing Director of Horizon Bank.

Creating a culture around mission-focused tenants of Exceptional Service and Sensible Advice, Horizon Bank has rightly named their team members Advisors, rather than employees. With a strong commitment to finding and managing talent with a highly developed skillset for providing unparalleled service, Horizon’s Advisors bring a human approach to their work. You aren’t likely to find canned selling points and scripts there. Instead, you can expect Advisors to listen to your questions and understand your goals, and then offer individualized, practical advice.

“We have a skilled Learning & Development team with a commitment to talent management,” said Pressinell. “We promote ‘Being Horizon’ during onboarding and throughout an Advisor’s career at Horizon by being true to our many core values.”

Pressinell said one of the values most applicable to Advisors in this instance states. “We affirm the customer as our highest focus by providing exceptional service and sensible advice to build lifelong relationships.” 

“We also follow an exceptional service model that outlines how to personally connect with a customer, actively listen and ask questions, and be resourceful by confirming expectations,” Pressinell said.

This human approach is striking all the right chords with clients.

“Personal, one-on-one attention,” one client said. “I was able to get my questions answered and found [the] Horizon advisor personable and professional.”

Another customer said, "My Advisor was amazing and very informative. She looked into helping out in any way, understanding and communicating. I will go to her each time I [have] questions...She got things in motion and done within a timely manner."

“She made us feel like we were her most important customer,” another client said of their Advisor.

To further illustrate their emphasis on listening, Horizon Bank recently released a pair of online videos that encapsulate how Advisors approach their clients. Enjoy the videos below, which drive home the fact that what you have to say is a lot more important to Horizon Bank than what they have to say.

Visit your local branch to experience exceptional service, and explore the Horizon Bank website for more information.