A Portage Life in the Spotlight: Heather Markwell

Andrea Marvel
By: Andrea Marvel Last Updated: September 11, 2019

Heather Markwell took time out of her Sunday football routine to talk about how growing up in Portage has shaped who she is.

Growing up, Markwell was very involved in team sports. She played all-star softball and enjoyed her time on basketball teams. In fact, she played fast-pitch until she was 26 and her work schedule got in the way.

“I grew up playing sports with my sister, and our dad was even our coach,” Markwell said. “When I was on the 18 and over team, my coach was the same coach I had my very first year in softball!”

Now, Markwell takes circuit classes at Hybrid Athletics where she does weight trainings, squats, pushups and other exercise beyond lifting weights. She likes that the same people are in the class every week, which makes it feel like she’s back in a sport.

“It stinks because now I wish I could play intermural softball or basketball,” Markwell said. “But I love Hybrid Athletics because I feel like I’m part of a team again. It feels like going to practice.”

In her spare time, Markwell enjoys being outside playing and watching sports. In her non-spare time, Markwell has built a career she loves.

Markwell spent a lot of time in sales, including Abercrombie when she was starting out, and Hollister, which moved her down to Indy for a couple years. Eventually she started working for Enterprise and found her way back home to Portage.

Meanwhile, she received her degree in Public Health from Valparaiso University.

“My mom worked in hospitals my whole life,” Markwell said. “I always wanted to be in that field.”

She started off in nursing school and spent time working in labor and delivery. While there, she took note of the medical representatives coming into the hospital and building relationships with doctors and staff.

“That inspired me to change my major to public health,” Markwell said. “I felt like it was better suited for me.”

Indeed, Markwell has spent her life building relationships wherever she goes. Now, as a sales representative for ERMI, LLC, she finds friendly faces from her past wherever she goes.

“A woman at Athletico in Schererville used to come into Abercrombie with her daughter,” Markwell said. “Another customer I remember as the Athletic Director in Hobart, so I remember her from playing sports.”

Markwell appreciates the way her lifelong passions have converged: sports, sales and relationships.

“It took a lot of experiences to get me where I am,” Markwell said. “I love what I do, and that I get to interact with people I knew growing up.”