Zeta Mu Celebrates 2016 Tri Kappa Week With Gifts of Kindness for Portage PD

Zeta-Mu-Celebrates-2016-Tri-Kappa-Week-With-Gifts-of-Kindness-for-Portage-PDIn honor of Tri Kappa Week (Feb. 21-27), the Portage Zeta Mu chapter of Tri Kappa sorority performed acts of kindness throughout the city and, on February 25th, delivered "little kindnesses" to the Portage Police Department's clerical staff and K-9 unit. Having recommended them when Tri Kappa asked who should be the kindness recipients, Chief of Police Troy Williams said the following about these special members of the police team : "The clerical staff and K-9 unit don't get enough recognition for all that they do. We thank them and appreciate them for their important role in the police department's success."

The seven-women clerical staff was presented with a large gift basket filled with various items, including candies, chocolates, soaps, lotions, office supplies--and coloring books for adults, to help reduce stress! And for the department's four police canines, Diablo, Nakir, Falco, and Si-- Tri Kappa members prepared a doggie goodie bag for each, filled with treats and a personalized keepsake bone-- with the hope that wagging tails would be the result. Officers Dan Martinez, Anthony Dandurand, Ricky Krieg, and Wendell Hite gladly accepted the gifts on behalf of their K-9 partners!

"We'd like kindness to be contagious and our Portage Tri Kappa ladies ardently believe in paying it forward year-round," said Barbara Niemcewicz, Zeta Mu's President. "We also believe that a little kindness goes a long way."

Established in 1967, the Zeta Mu Portage Tri Kappa chapter, a philanthropic organization, has worked tirelessly over the years, serving the greater Portage community through various service projects and raising monies for donating to charity, culture, and education. Portage Tri Kappa is comprised of 28 dedicated women who enthusiastically and proudly serve the Portage community.

Kappa, Kappa, Kappa, Inc. (commonly known as Tri Kappa), existing only within the boundaries of the State of Indiana, is a not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) organization that was founded in 1901. The Zeta Mu Chapter of Tri Kappa is one of 144 active chapters and 112 associate chapters, with Tri Kappa statewide totaling nearly 9,000 actively participating women members.

For more information about Portage Tri Kappa, visit the Tri Kappa of Portage-Zeta Mu facebook page or contact Barbara Niemcewicz at (219) 929-7358, email: barbara.niemcewicz@gmail.com.