Young Hoosier Readers Truly have Something to Celebrate at Jones Elementary

Young_Hoosier_Readers_truly_have_somethiYoung Hoosiers Truly have something to celebrate at Jones Elementary!

At Jones Elementary, the library has been a bustling place. They have hit some amazing firsts for reading this year. At the beginning of the year, the Media Clerk Mrs. Belt, set in place a reading incentive for 4th and 5th grade students that commenced in August. This incentive was to read at least 5 Young Hoosier Nominated Books. Young Hoosier Nominated Books are chosen by the Indiana Library Federation and was started in 1974 to stimulate reading among elementary students. Once the goal of 5 books was achieved, the students were given a chance to vote for their favorite book and given admission to a yearend celebration. This celebration rewarded those who had read above and beyond their normal required reading for their AR goals and classroom reading.

This year it took off like gangbusters! Normally, Mrs. Belt would have an average of 24-26 students who meet the requirements in order to participate in the yearend party. But this year, she had 78 students who met the requirements, 49 who attended a Cici's Pizza Field trip and one student, Aleksandra Ramon, who read all 20 books! On top of those awesome stats, there was one classroom where the entire class read and achieved their Young Hoosier goals. That was Mrs. Bachmann's 5th grade class! It took many months of hard work, but the students from Mrs. Bachmann's class pushed each other and encouraged each other to make sure there was "no child left behind" on this celebratory field trip!

Mrs. Belt is bursting with pride at the reading accomplishments that were reached by the entire 4th and 5th grade departments. She hopes that next year she will have even more participants.