Women who make it run: Michelle Mosier of Holladay Properties

Women who make it run: Michelle Mosier of Holladay Properties

Michelle Mosier loves what she does, and she loves the company she works for–Holladay Properties. 

Holladay Properties is a full-service commercial real estate corporation comprised of specialists in development, property management, and architecture. Holladay supports businesses throughout the country with its commercial real estate needs. 

As a woman who helps it run, Mosier juggles multiple roles for Holladay Properties as both the Portage, Ind. office manager and assistant to Holladay’s CEO Tim Healy. 

“As office manager, I help with the daily activities that happen in the office,” Mosier said. “I support our developers with any projects that they're working on and make sure we have all the supplies here that we need.”

Over the years, Mosier’s role has evolved. Working alongside Healy provided Mosier with additional responsibilities and opportunities. In fact, she will shortly relocate to the Holladay Properties Nashville, Tenn. office. 

Mosier did not come to this decision lightly. Like all working women, Mosier juggled what she knew with what she thought was possible. 

“I’m going to relocate to Nashville,” Mosier said. “I'll still keep my role as an assistant to the CEO and work more on the corporate side of our company.”

“I’m really looking forward to going to Nashville,” Mosier said. “It's a beautiful area with lots to do–not just in the downtown but also in the surrounding towns and neighborhoods. Nashville is not too far away from NWI. It's just six and a half hours away from here. I'm also looking forward to a little warmer weather.” 

Part of what Mosier loves about Holladay’s work environment is its dedication to the community. 

Holladay Properties’ mission is to enrich lives through investment and service. Mosier gets to be a big part of this community investment multiple times throughout the year. 

“Holladay offices pick a week in the spring and in the fall for company-wide volunteering,” Mosier said. “The week of October 10-14 is our full-service week. During that week we encourage all of our associates to spend the week volunteering.” 

Throughout the week of October 10-14, Mosier and her colleagues will support Meals on Wheels and Washington Park Zoo among others. 

“Holladay also encourages us to volunteer outside of our service weeks,” Mosier said. “They give us VTO in addition to PTO hours. Every associate is encouraged to go out on their own and find their own activities to do throughout the year, anything that tugs at their heartstrings.”

Leaving NWI won’t be easy for Mosier, a lifelong resident. The appeal of this area is obvious to her. 

“First of all, my family is here,” Mosier said, “and that's the most important thing. I also love the changing seasons in NWI. I think we live in a pretty place.” 

When reflecting on how to be a successful working woman, Mosier’s advice is clear–take chances. 

“I think it's important to remember that you should always put yourself first,” Mosier said. “Do the things that you want to do. What’s on your plate, it's going to be there. You don't want to be sitting on the sideline. There are some chances you don't get again.”

For more information on Holladay Properties, visit https://www.holladayproperties.com/