With pandemic waning, regular health check-ups are more important than ever, says NorthShore Health Centers

With pandemic waning, regular health check-ups are more important than ever, says NorthShore Health Centers

As the COVID-19 Pandemic starts to wane in the US, it is more important than ever for families to continue or get back on track with their regular health check-ups. NorthShore Health Centers offer locations across Northwest Indiana, staffed with expert providers who are equipped to help any patient’s physical and mental health needs – regardless of their ability to pay.

Over the course of the pandemic, many patients felt uncomfortable going to healthcare facilities – often leading them to skip their routine appointments or utilize telehealth options.  With vaccination rates soaring and normality returning, professionals such as NorthShore’s Dr. Ramadevi Sankaran, M.D. are encouraging patients to come in to the office and meet their providers.

“As a physician, physical visits are so important because what we see is more accurate than what we hear, especially with children,” Sankaran said. “For example, if you have a sore throat I can’t really prescribe anything through telehealth because I have to run a strep test and determine if a child needs antibiotics or not. There’s a lot I can’t diagnose over the phone.”

NorthShore makes it easy to see a provider, offering both online scheduling as well as walk-ins for those crunched for time.

“We have a very good policy where we will not turn away any patient,” Sankaran said. “If you have time, and your child has time, you can come in and ask for a well-child visit. We’re more than happy to help. We want to accommodate every patient who comes in, even for sports physicals.”

Sankaran stressed that coming out of the pandemic, checking in on your mental wellness is just as critical as your physical wellbeing – especially for children.

“Children have been impacted more than anyone else, especially in the teenage years,” she said. “They just enjoy being out and getting social. Being stuck within four walls is not the ideal situation for their mental health. We do full mental health screenings in our well-child visits.”

Mental health is a huge factor in your physical well-being, and Sankaran noted that the pandemic has had physical effects on people for reasons entirely unrelated to COVID-19 itself. Seeing a provider can help put patients back on the right track to taking charge of their health.

“The obesity rate, for children and adults, has really increased,” she said. “I’ve seen lots of behavioral changes in children and worry about the mental health aspect more than the pandemic itself. Being trapped in the house has taken a big toll on people’s health, there’s just been no motivation for exercise. Eating habits, screen time, and so many factors have been effected. During treatment, we talk about those things and create awareness.”

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