Willowcreek Middle School Recognizes Outstanding Students

Willowcreek_Middle_School_Recognizes_Out-1This morning eleven students at the 'Creek were called down to the office. They came down to receive their awards for being named by their Team Leaders as Outstanding Students! The students were recognized for having the courage to practice their five critical values of; Being Honest, Respectful, Responsible, Fair and Compassionate. Team leaders submit names of students practicing their Critical Values with a recipient from each team being named every Friday. Olivia Wright, Andrew Panozza, Bryce Mowbray, Jacqueline Ortiz, Mackenzie Winicky, Cory Kado, Kyle Evans, Tyler Ramsey, Crystal Sutkowski, Jessica Butz and Trey Sebben were announced as this weeks winners.

Their certificates will be displayed in the front office case for the entire week. Each Friday a new group of Outstanding Students will be named and the previous award winners will then be able to take their certificates home. Michelle Stewart, Principal at Willowcreek, would like to congratulate all of the award winners this week and encourages her students at the 'Creek to continue to practice their Critical Values and maybe their name will be the next one to be announced!