Video Banking is the Next Best Thing to in-Person Service

Video Banking is the Next Best Thing to in-Person Service

What’s Video Banking?

Video banking machines function as ATMs, only they’re better. These machines can complete most of the transactions you might walk into a bank branch to complete, all with the convenience of an ATM. They allow you to speak directly with a Horizon Bank Advisor, using two-way video in the drive up.

They offer personalized service of a knowledgeable Advisor and full self-service technology – as well as extended hours and services to better serve you.

Transactions include:

  • Deposit cash or checks
  • Withdrawals dispensing different denominations - $1s, $5s, $20s, and $100s
  • Cash checks as late as 8 pm
  • Make payments to Horizon loans
  • Transfer money between accounts
  • Check images printed on receipts

Worried your transactions won’t be secure?
Don’t be. When interacting with a video banker, your transaction is as secure as if you were making a face-to-face transaction at the teller line. It is processed in exactly the same manner. For security purposes, transactions are recorded and questions may be asked to verify your identity.

Video Banking machines are available Monday through Saturday from 6 am to 8 pm CT and 7 am to 9 pm ET. Please note that a few locations offer this service in their vestibules, rather than drive up lane.

This is just one more way Horizon is expanding our banking options to better serve you. Find a Video Banking location near you.