Valpo Wins for Indiana’s Green Project of the Year

Valpo Wins for Indiana’s Green Project of the Year

The City of Valparaiso has been named Indiana’s Green Project of the Year by Accelerate Indiana  Municipalities (Aim) for the City’s solar power initiative. The award recognizes Indiana’s leading project  for sustainable development, energy conservation and environmentally conscious decisions. Valpo’s  sustainable solar project added 772 solar panels to five City facilities, saving taxpayers more than $5.2  million in electrical costs over the life of the panels.  

“We’re so pleased that this sustainable solar project has gained attention statewide and beyond, but  we’re even more pleased to be able to share cost savings with our community,” said Valparaiso Mayor  Matt Murphy. “As part of our commitment to efficiency, Valparaiso City Services has had its eye on solar  power for years, awaiting the day when the technology, wattage and pricing reached a point where it  made good environmental sense for the City. That day is now and this project is among several that are  adding sustainability and cost savings for Valparaiso,” he said.  

As part of the city’s commitment to efficiency and transparency, the City of Valparaiso shares the energy  data on TV screens located at City Hall so visitors can see the electrical meter harvesting solar energy  in real time. Visitors may even see times when the metering will move backwards as more energy is  being generated than is being used in some facilities.  

“The Valparaiso solar power initiative is a perfect example of how municipal leaders can make a  difference in global efforts to deliver public services more efficiently. I particularly appreciate the city’s  transparency by offering real-time data, visible to anyone visiting city hall. I think this project is  something other cities and towns will review to see if it can be replicated in their communities,” said Aim  CEO Matt Greller. Learn more about the completed project at 

Aim is the official voice of municipal government in Indiana, with more than 460 cities and towns as  members. Aim launched the Green Communities Initiative in 2008 to identify potential cost savings to  communities facing budget shortfalls, promote economically competitive quality-of-life concepts, and  ultimately serve as role models for citizens while better protecting our environment. Each year the  program honors one outstanding project.