Valpo Mayor Matt Murphy delivers his final State of the City Address

Valpo Mayor Matt Murphy delivers his final State of the City Address

Under Mayor Matt Murphy’s leadership, Valparaiso has been thriving. From bringing new businesses to the area to enhancing infrastructure to adding quality of life benefits, Murphy’s leadership has had a positive impact over the past three years. In his final State of the City address, presented on January 24 at the annual meeting for the Valpo Chamber, Murphy shared highlights of upcoming plans as well as accomplishments since 2020. 

City of Valparaiso State of the City 2023

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“The City persevered over panic,” said Murphy of the pandemic and the way the City has continued to succeed. He shared details of projects that are advancing the city’s quality of life and economic vitality, including: The Linc, a $30-million development that will add 120 living units plus businesses spaces downtown. The Lincoln Highway Garage which will support The Linc and local businesses with more than 350 parking spaces; Journeyman Distillery which is transforming an abandoned factory into a regional destination; Grand Gardner Hotel which is restoring the former Gardner School on Chicago Street into a 58-bed boutique hotel; and the Valpo Sports & Recreation Complex, the city’s newest and largest park, which will include multi-use fields, pickle ball courts and natural spaces to hike and gather. 

Many attending the State of the City Address were impressed with what Murphy and his team have accomplished during his time in office and are just as excited for what is coming next. In November, Murphy announced that he will not seek a second term in order to accept an opportunity with Urschel Laboratories, beginning in 2024. 

“His speech shows the spirit of the community and how citizens from all different views and backgrounds want to come together and make the city a better place for everyone,” Porter County Sheriff Jeff Balon said. 

Porter County Police Chief Andrew McIntyre noted that he will always remember Murphy for his astounding leadership. 

“Mayor Murphy has been a great leader for the City of Valparaiso,” McIntyre said. “He’s going to continue to do great things, and we’re glad to have him as our leader. We are excited to partner with all areas of the city and continue to focus on keeping everyone safe.” 

McIntyre’s Assistant Chief of Police, Michael DeHaven, also spoke on how Mayor Murphy led a successful and meaningful term this past year. “The leadership of the city has been great,” DeHaven said. “We look forward to continuing our great relationship with the city. We're very appreciative of all the positive things that are going on and looking forward to a great 2023.” 

The Mayor’s Youth Council was in attendance for the Mayor’s address and was recognized for all its help this past year. In his address, Murphy noted the Mayor’s Youth Council is a great asset to the city, as the group is constantly working to improve Valparaiso in every way possible.

Mary Magnetti, member of the Mayor’s Youth Council, appreciates all she has learned from being on the council. “The council hosted a Color Fun Run, which was very popular and made me want to be involved,” Magnetti said. “I’ve learned what our city is really about, how much work is involved, and how many different people are involved in keeping Valparaiso running how it is now.” 

Kassidy Reberg, member of the Mayor’s Youth Council, recommends that anyone who might be interested in the opportunity to join the council should definitely take it. “I was interested in learning more about what goes into our city,” Reberg said. “I learned they are involved in a lot more than I thought they would be in schools and things that affect our daily lives.” 

2023 is definitely going to be a year full of progress and high energy for the City of Valparaiso. To read the complete address, visit