Valparaiso Awards Neighborhood Grants

Valparaiso Awards Neighborhood Grants

The City of Valparaiso has announced the awarding of 20 new grants in the 2023 Neighborhood  Improvement Grant program, providing $216,175 in funds to support neighborhood unity and  community improvements. Coupled with the matching investments by the neighborhoods themselves,  this grant cycle will result in more than $350,000 in positive impact for the community. 

The City of Valparaiso has announced 20 Neighborhood Improvement Grants for 2023. Since the grant  program was introduced in 2018, it has resulted in a positive impact of more than $1 million citywide.  Neighborhoods are invited to submit projects that enhance their shared spaces and build community,  such as tree plantings, gathering spaces like pavilions and shelters, enhancements to playgrounds and  more. To learn who received grants this year and how to apply, visit the community Engagement page  at

“These neighborhood grants truly contribute to Valparaiso’s excellent quality of life as they unite  neighbors for projects they care about and then fund the work for lasting benefit. Neighborhood  Improvement Grants are a positive way the City can support neighborhoods and elevate the  community,” said Valparaiso Mayor Matt Murphy.  

The projects funded this year include tree plantings, pathway enhancements, common area upgrades  and beautification projects, among other beneficial plans. The neighborhoods receiving grants in 2023  include Audubon Estates, Banta, Beauty Creek Estates, Bicentennial Square, Bridgewater Estates,  Brigata Hills, Central, Courtyards of Pepper Creek, Earthstone, Essex Park, Hawthorne, Hawthorne  East, Jessee-Pifer, Keystone Commons, Lakepointe Gardens, Mistwood, Pepper Cove, Shamrock,  Sierra, and Villas at Vale Park.  

The City of Valparaiso introduced the Neighborhood Improvement Grant program in 2018. Since that  time, 99 grants have been awarded to neighborhood groups, resulting in more than $1.3 million in  neighborhood improvements with community-wide impact. To learn more about the Neighborhood  Improvement Grant program, including how to apply for funding next year, visit the Community  Engagement page at