Unprecedented times, unprecedented compassion: Horizon Bank supports its communities in 2020

Unprecedented times, unprecedented compassion: Horizon Bank supports its communities in 2020

In 2020, with COVID-19 instigating many issues hurting local communities, Horizon Bank did what it does best and rushed to donate $250,000 for COVID-19 relief efforts in March of 2020. This pledge was in addition to their yearly Horizon Cares grants that are distributed throughout Indiana and Michigan totaling over $180,000.

Rather than investing that sum into one group, Horizon Bank leaders chose to distribute the wealth between several non-profit organizations in the bank’s Indiana and Michigan communities. Chairman and CEO Craig Dwight thought it would be best to support local organizations that possessed the connections and means to provide help for the individuals who needed it most.

Recognizing the competency for effective care and the many sacrifices made to better the lives and treatments of patients at Franciscan Health Michigan City, Horizon Bank decided not to stop at $250,000 for COVID-19 relief efforts. Before the end of May 2020, Horizon Bank pledged $12,500 to the hospital’s relief effort titled Franciscan Preparedness & Response Fund. This fund was meant to improve the functionality of Franciscan Health’s healthcare facilities through the purchasing of supplies and equipment.

While providing deserving organizations with financial assistance specifically for COVID-19 relief was especially important this past year, Horizon Bank leadership also believed it was as important as ever to donate to non-profits that dealt with other community issues.

Assistant Vice President and Commercial Loan Officer Bill Gertner called it a privilege to donate $136,369 to United Way, which has multiple locations in Horizon Bank’s communities. Horizon Bank is proud to be partners with an organization that advocates and provides for community members in need on an ongoing basis.

When two dams let loose flooding Midland, MI, and surrounding areas, Horizon Bank stepped in to help. Their $25,000 donation to The Flood Relief Project helped those who lost possessions and provisions in the flood and contributed toward the long-term recovery of affected communities. This project was started by the Midland Area Community Foundation, which works with the Midland County Emergency Manager to provide relief in the face of disasters with Midland, Sanford, and Bullock Creek counties.

At the end of the year, in light of increased job loss, food insecurity, and overall need from the pandemic, Horizon Bank decided to yet again reach out to those organizations who have been helping those in need and donated an additional $50,000 to several local food pantries in Indiana.

Whether it is helping hospitals pay for the supplies and equipment they need to run smoothly, financially supporting local organizations that aid struggling individuals and families, or donating money to improve the livelihood of community members affected by natural disasters, Horizon Bank is steadfast in its contributions to the communities it serves.

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