United Way of Porter County Women United new 2021 advisory committee announced

United Way of Porter County Women United new 2021 advisory committee announced

Women United Porter County annually selects three members to guide its activities to help women in addiction recovery.

This year’s committee members are Carrie Higgins with Valparaiso University, Kathy Ricke with Blessings & Blooms, and Stephany Leonard with Teachers Credit Union. Higgins and Ricke will co-chair the committee and Leonard will be the vice-chair.

“I was honored to serve as the 2020 Events Chair and am thrilled to be asked to co-chair the leadership team this year,” said Kathy Ricke, Women United 2021 co-chair. “I truly believe in Women United’s mission of creating lasting change to uplift entire communities and I can't wait to see what we can accomplish.”

This past year, the group raised $10,000 to support local addiction and domestic violence services for women.

"Life throws challenges at you that are hard to overcome sometimes,” said Stephany Leonard, Women United 2021 vice-chair. “Seeing the strength and commitment these ladies have to become better is what made me want to be more involved. As much as they think we are helping them, the reality is, they are helping us."

Beyond financial support, Women United members volunteer on Monday nights to provide activities to help women in need build skill sets and social networks. Activities include cooking, games and crafts, women’s health, and budgeting.

"Women United provides a valuable opportunity for all women in the community to share friendship, knowledge, skills and resources,” said Carrie Higgins, Women United 2021 co-chair. “I find it rewarding and inspiring to collaborate with this great group of ladies who have chosen to uplift lives at a time when they need encouragement and support the most.”

Women United Porter County is open to women interested in sharing their talents and passion. To join, visit unitedwaypc.org/women-united.