United Way of Porter County, Uniting the Community, Giving to All

United Way of Porter County, Uniting the Community, Giving to All
By: Peter Krivas Last Updated: December 15, 2017

When it comes to inspiring the community of Porter County to improve the lives of those around them, few succeed to unite individuals and organizations more than United Way of Porter County. The United Way truly believes that individuals deserve the opportunity to have a good life with access to a quality education, reasonable income to support their families, and good, affordable healthcare.

Seeing these aims through is not an easy task, but identifying the fundamental aspects that need to change in order to improve society is the key to tackling it. The United Way of Porter County believes that education, income, and health are at the center of making the community a better place for all.

Changing these things also means concentrating more on changing systems to help everyone, rather than concentrating on helping one person at a time. Improving health, promoting financial stability and independence, and helping kids achieve their true potential are vital to seeing this vision through.


This is why the United Way of Porter County ensures that your money is going to support vital, local programs that give residents in your community a chance to get back on their feet and regain independence. Annually, they work with more than 50 programs that provide services to more than 69,000 residents.

Their programs aid families seeking childcare attain it through partnerships with area YMCAs and Boys & Girls Clubs. They have also helped those in financial need through emergency service partnerships with Housing Opportunities, Porter County Aging & Community Services, Salvation Army, and American Red Cross. For health and wellness support, they've teamed up with Northshore Health Centers, Frontline Foundations, St. Agnes Adult Day Center, Porter-Starke Services, HealthLinc, and more to provide a care continuum of programs for newborns, the elderly, and everyone in between. And, so much more.


A great example of how the United Way of Porter County works is if you imagine a homeless family in need. You can give directly to your local shelter to help them provide for that family, but when they leave the shelter and need job training, skill development, daycare, counseling, and more, United Way is there to support a variety of services that are needed to provide a better quality of life for all. There will never be one charity that can handle all of the diverse needs of a community, but giving to the United Way of Porter County ensures that services specialized in meeting the needs that are most urgent will receive support so that the largest impact can be made.

With as many as one-third of Americans not earning enough income to meet basic needs, these programs are essential for those who need them most. 

As part of their support of education, health, and income initiatives, United Way of Porter County also runs the United Way Regional Volunteer Center to connect community through volunteerism. They provide a matchmaking service for residents to volunteer at their favorite local nonprofit.

Annually, in August, they host the United Way Day of Caring, a one-day volunteer celebration where residents team up with local nonprofits to help with much needed cleaning, repair, and program projects. Last year, more than 1,000 volunteers assisted with 85 projects throughout Northwest Indiana. 


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