Top 10 Videos on PortageLife from 2017

Top 10 Videos on PortageLife from 2017
By: Jennifer Bissonnette Last Updated: December 29, 2017

The PortageLife Video Section saw quite a bit of action this past year. Ribbon cuttings, graduations, and dog parks are all fair game for videos. With so much going on in Northwest Indiana, it’s no wonder we had a stream of amazing videos being produced!

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Without further ado (and in no particular order), here are the Top 10 Videos from PortageLife in 2017!

Hannah’s Hope Playground Grand Opening
The Grand Opening of Hannah’s Hope Playground in Portage were monumental moments for the community of Northwest Indiana. The sun was shining on that beautiful Sunday afternoon, where many joined together to experience this significant moment in time. With the cutting of the ribbon, Hannah’s Hope Playground opened so many opportunities to kids, families, and the community.

A Portage Life in the Spotlight: Isaiah the Comfort Dog
He may not have a collegiate degree or a counselor’s office, but what he does have- four furry feet, a wagging tail and unconditional love- is enough to make him the best counselor in the world to those in need.

Military Dad Surprises 6-Year-Old Son at Saylor Elementary School
When Jayden Moree, 6, sat down with his class in the Saylor Elementary School library, he thought he was in store for a regular story time. He had no idea that his dad, Trevor Moree, was hiding behind the bookcase to surprise him after being deployed in Japan for 9 months.

Good Life Awards: Past Honorees
Ideas in Motion Media and our positive news websites and social media networks,, and are throwing our 6th Annual GOOD LIFE AWARDS Party!

NWI Great News Show: Bishop Donald J. Hying
Bishop Donald J. Hying of The Roman Catholic Diocese of Gary recently met with Ideas in Motion Media (IIMM) Founder Chris Mahlmann, in the Great News Studio for an NWI Great News Show interview. Topics and questions included working with the public to spread the faith and the state of a very changing church.

Congratulations to the Graduates of 2017!
This year the life crew photographed 44 graduations throughout the region. It was an accomplishment and a reminder that we can all graduate in some way.

NorthShore Health Centers Celebrates Mother's Day with 2017 Event “We are Wild about Moms”
Northshore Health Centers celebrated mothers on Monday with an event called “We are Wild about Moms” at Bellaboo’s Play & Discovery Center in Lake Station. The event held activities mommy and child could both participate in: pampering and relaxation, shopping, education and resources as well as health screenings for both mom and child.

All About the Girls Part 3: Changing the World by Being Yourself
What an awesome night last night was at Sand Creek Country Club! All About The Girls Part 3 featured some great, inspirational, motivational, and heartwarming speeches from Jacob's Ladder Pediatric Rehab's Candace Arvin, Flanagin's Bulk Mail Service's Donna Schmidt Flanagin, Residences at Deer Creek's Melissa S. Topor Huffman, Lake County Circuit Court's Marissa McDermott, Porter Regional Hospital's Stacey Manner Kellogg, Methodist Hospitals' Jennifer Hough Sanders, Valpo Velvet Ice Cream's Cathy Brown Brown and our own Jenny Craig-Brown!

Portage Dog Park at Woodland Park is a Great Place for Dogs
On a sunny Friday afternoon, a group of dogs run together at the Portage Dog Park, located in Woodland Park, and it was clear they are familiar with each other and having a great time. Their owners gathered around picnic tables in the park, chatting and watching the spectacle.

Army Mom Surprises Her Daughter at Washington Township
When Washington Township School 6th grader Madison Tsotigh sat down for her study hall class on Thursday, she had no idea a very special person was going to give her a big surprise. As she looked down at her homework, Tsotigh felt a hand on her back. When she turned around, she saw her mom for the first time in seven months.