Top 10 videos on Portage.Life in 2022

Top 10 videos on Portage.Life in 2022
By: Alayna Wilkening, Carter Dahlgren, Collin Gee, Gwen Mathis, Jenny Craig Brown Last Updated: December 27, 2022

One of our favorite things to do at GreatNews.Life is to get together with partners, community members, or organizations to share good news in a way that is fresh and exciting. That often comes through as a video! Being able to film what’s happening around us and share that with the community has been a particularly special part of 2022.

We welcomed CEOs and local leaders to the table to chat with our Founder Chris Mahlmann, we celebrated achievements across healthcare organizations, we invited females and women supporters to our annual All About the Girls event, and we did it all with a video camera and a team who loves sharing positivity to our audience. 

In no particular order, here are the top 10 videos on Portage.Life to recap the good news in 2022!

Advanced Dental Concepts equips GreatNews.Life’s Jenny Craig-Brown with an upgraded smile

When GreatNews.Life Executive Director Jenny Craig-Brown needed some cosmetic maintenance done on a few teeth, she knew she needed a dentist who specialized in cosmetic dentistry while prioritizing dental health. She ultimately chose to work with Advanced Dental Concepts, which provided not only excellent results, but an excellent experience from start to finish as well.

GreatNews.Life by the Numbers

Let's look at the numbers and all the amazing growth we saw in the past year! We published tons of good news, gained all sorts of followers, and spread many smiles to all of our readers. Follow us on YouTube for great news every week!

Take a look at the brand new Kia all electric vehicle

In this video we re-visit the Facebook live with Jenny Craig-Brown and get an even closer look at the brand new Kia all electric vehicle. Follow us on YouTube for great news every week!

Nicki Caylor All About the Girls speech

Check out Nicki Caylor's full speech at the 2022 All About the Girls event!

Ride along in the new Roush Bronco with Currie Motors Ford of Valpo

In this video we get to check out the new Roush Bronco with the help of the folks over at Currie Motors. Follow us on YouTube for great news every week!

Learn all about NorthShore Health Centers’ new mission statement

In this video David Hall tells us about NorthShore Health Centers' new and improved mission statement. Follow us on YouTube for great news every week!

Leadership Life Series | NIPSCO President Mike Hooper | Who are your leader inspirations?

As a leader himself, Hooper notes how a strong family network and informal mentors have influenced his own leadership style over the years. In his early years, his parents supported him not by measuring his success but by measuring what kind of person he was.

Throughout his life, Hooper feels blessed to have experienced the confidence many great mentors had in him. They believed in his capabilities and challenged those capabilities by giving him opportunities beyond his perceived limitations, coaching him along the way.

Drive Sunset-On-Wheels with the 2022 Chevy Camaro

Jenny Craig-Brown hits the road to check out Team Chevy's 2022 Chevy Camaro!

Heart-healthy tips to prevent heart disease

Dr. Maya Kommineni, a cardiologist with the Northwest Medical Group, shares some easy tips to your heart healthy and prevent heart disease. Watch now! Learn more about Dr. Kommineni here:

Northwest Health: “Compassionate caring is our calling"

See why Northwest Health employees are proud to say "Compassionate caring is our calling."

For more information on Northwest Health, please visit