Top 10 community articles on Portage.Life in 2019

Top 10 community articles on Portage.Life in 2019
By: Last Updated: December 26, 2019

We published hundreds of articles on the Portage.Life Community Section this past year. We were there for the fundraisers, festivals, and special moments. With so much to choose from, we knew it would be a difficult choice, so we rounded up the best of the best for you!

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Without further ado (and in no particular order), here are the Top 10 community articles from Portage.Life in 2019!

Gone Viral: Bathrobe Student Talks Fame and Fun at Camp Life

In today’s age of viral sensationalism, it takes a true spark of authenticity to get noticed. Anyone can capture a moment of hilarity or emotion and hope that it resonates with a wider audience, but finding that special something that people far and wide respond to has become quite a feat. 

U.S. Navy pays homage to naval history, State of Indiana at USS Indianapolis Commissioning Ceremony

On July 30, 1945, two torpedoes launched by the Imperial Japanese Army struck the hull of the CA-35 Indianapolis, second of its name, as it returned from a successful mission to deliver enriched uranium for the first atomic bomb.   

Get registered, get informed, get involved

Being an informed voter starts with getting registered to vote. In Indiana, the deadline to register for voting in the upcoming elections is October 7, 2019. Not sure if you’re registered to vote? Finding out this information is almost too easy in Indiana.

Remembering Max Gill: a man of compassion and support

Portage High School and Portage Township Schools have been impacted forever by the work done by Max Gill. Gill was involved with Portage Township Schools, and specifically Portage High School for the past seven years. He began as a teacher at Fegely Middle School before becoming assistant principal, and then head principal at Portage High School. Gill had a unique way of being involved with his students. He loved to joke around with them but still had a stern side.

Portage Then and Now

Portage, Indiana is a city built upon the ideals of hard-working people. Although facets of the city have changed since its founding in 1968, those fundamentals remain the same.

A dog’s perspective on Imagination Glen Park 

Hello, my name is Bingley, and I like to go to Imagination Glen Park in Portage with my human because it’s a great park with a lot of trees to sniff and there are SQUIRRELS!

Hannah’s Hope celebrates their mission with families at Annual Picnic

The Hannah’s Hope 7th Annual Family Picnic was held on June 23 at Wicker Memorial Park in Highland. The event was dedicated for families that are a part of Hannah’s Hope to get together and meet each other. This year the event included exotic animals from Animals for Awareness, a singer and guitarist, and food provided by AHEPA, the American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association.

The Limelights Youth Theatre Program at Memorial Opera House proves importance of arts education

Two years ago, 14 children were among the first to participate in the LimeLights Youth Theatre Program at Memorial Opera House (MOH). Today, the number of program participants has skyrocketed to 250. As an outlet for community youth to grow in their knowledge of theatre, creativity, communication abilities, teamwork skills, and confidence, the program is quite the success—and a necessity.

Local organizations giving back this holiday, and how you can help

Organizations and businesses in the Region are working hard to make this year’s holidays a little more special for community members in need. In the spirit of spreading good, we’re here to share with you some ways you can help support their causes. Whether it’s bringing a box of stuffing to a local business, giving a donation to a worthy cause, or volunteering to serve food to others, there are countless ways to help.

Kinder Camp provides summer education for incoming students thanks to United Way of Porter County and ArcelorMittal

School is out and summer is here, but that does not stop students from learning. Incoming kindergartners jump-start their education by taking part in the United Way of Porter County Kinder Camp program sponsored by ArcelorMittal.