Top 10 business articles on Portage.Life in 2022

Top 10 business articles on Portage.Life in 2022
By: Alayna Wilkening, Amber Tomlinson, Curtis Hankins, Lauren Grasham Last Updated: December 19, 2022

From highlighting some of the amazing employees across the many organizations in our Region, to celebrating businesses through their successes, to supporting various groups' accomplishments during the year, 2022 involved a lot in the world of business that we were proud to share on the GreatNews.Life sites.

Veterinarians continued to care for beloved pets in the community, new developments were made and ground-breaking events were held, workers celebrated work anniversaries, doors were opened to brand new complexes, and nonprofits continued to support those with greatest need.

In no particular order, here are the top 10 business articles on Portage.Life to recap the good news in 2022!

Porter County Expo Center staff prides itself on family environment

It’s rare to find coworkers that feel like family, but at the Porter County Expo Center, the staff can’t say enough kind things about each other.

There are only four full-time employees on staff at the Porter County Expo Center. Lori Daly serves as the director, and Tammy Mangold is the assistant director. Arman Dogruyol was hired after the event manager position was created in 2019, and Jake Pappas is the maintenance supervisor. Together, they run all of the behind-the-scenes tasks for events and functions.

Holladay Properties celebrates 20 years of Ameriplex at the Port

Holladay Properties is celebrating 20 years of AmeriPlex at the Port in Portage. Over 50 businesses and organizations call the mixed-use business park home, offering Portage a wide range of amenities, restaurants, and quality jobs in a wide variety of industries.

Some tenants have stayed with Holladay Properties and AmeriPlex for years – for some, it has been nearly the park’s entire two decades of history since it first moved in. Silvent North America is one of those businesses, a major innovator who creates energy efficient products that create safer working environments for manufacturers – particularly focusing on the hazardous noise from compressed air valves.

Northwest Health CEO meets with Portage Civic Group

Northwest Health is meeting with local groups to hear about their healthcare needs and to share about ways their team is bringing new levels of care and adding services for the Northwest Indiana communities. 

Northwest Health Chief Executive Officer Ashley Dickinson, FACHE discussed the hospital system’s services during a meeting Tuesday, Feb. 15 with the Portage Kiwanis Club members. 

Comcast offers quality, high-speed internet connection for The Region and beyond

In today’s world, having top-tier internet connection is vital. We can spend almost our entire day handling technology whether it be through work, school, or even downtime when browsing social media or texting friends.

With our lives encompassed by the digital world, Comcast is working hard to make sure Northwest Indiana and beyond have the resources they need to guarantee a quality connection, no matter the location or the task at hand.

Domino’s Responsible Sourcing Initiative allows customers to feel good about what’s in their pizza box

As the largest pizza company in the world, Domino’s is committed to upholding responsible sourcing standards in every aspect of its operations.

Domino’s is dedicated to ensuring the highest quality products by cementing the process of responsible sourcing into its core values.

Portage EDC Andy Maletta bleeds Portage pride

A Portage native himself, Portage EDC Executive Director Andy Maletta is ecstatic to bring more economic opportunities and growth to businesses within his hometown.

“I love the City of Portage. I grew up here and lived here my whole life,” he said. “It's a great place to live. It's a great place to work. I'm honored that the Portage Economic Development Board chose me to lead the organization, and I'm just looking forward to jumping in headfirst and getting things done.”

International manufacturer Monosol has insoluble ties to Portage

Water-soluble film manufacturer MonoSol currently operates seven facilities and employs nearly 800 people around the world, but its roots still lie in the heart of Portage, Indiana.

“MonoSol is a Northwest Indiana headquartered global manufacturing company. We specialize in advanced materials that dissolve and biodegrade. If you've ever used a Tide Pod, or a Cascade dishwasher tablet or any product that comes contained in a film or a wrapper that you don't have to open, you have about a nine in 10 chance that that's us,” said Vice President of Corporate Affairs Matt Vander Laan.

Attorney Michael Brazil looks forward to practicing family law at Rhame and Elwood

One of Rhame and Elwood's newest attorneys, Michael (Mike) Brazil, brings a strong background of practicing family law to his new position at the Portage firm.

Brazil graduated from the Valparaiso University Law School in 2019 where he had been a part of a juvenile clinic involved with the public defender's office dealing with child support issues. His first job out of law school involved practicing family law at Osan and Patton, a firm in Valparaiso in which his former professor Ana Patricia Osan was a partner. However, upon Osan’s departure from the firm, Brazil was looking for new work and was then contacted by Rhame and Elwood to join the team, and has been with the firm since February of this year.

Allegius Credit Union caters to clientele

Choosing an institution to trust with your hard-earned money is often a tedious process. Finding a group that truly understands your financial situation and needs is a crucial part of financial stability, but larger banks often don’t have the capacity to meet with and learn about the individual needs of their customers.

This is where Allegius Credit Union thrives. For over 50 years, Allegius has worked with blue-collared individuals and their families to create personalized solutions to any financial need they may encounter.

Northshore Health Centers welcomes new Chief HR Officer Dianna Myers

In February, NorthShore Health Centers welcomed Dianna Myers as their new Chief Human Resources Officer. She brings a wealth of experience in healthcare to the table and has a vision for an HR team that staff knows is on their side.

“HR usually gets a bad rap; there’s a perception that when HR comes into a room heads are going to roll,” Myers said. “My goal is to come in, assess what the perception is here and if it needs to be softened, and make those changes.”