Thomas Kia’s Hybrid Sportage graces the road with high end features like never before

Thomas Kia’s Hybrid Sportage graces the road with high end features like never before

With features including excellent gas mileage and many different high-end technological details, Thomas Kia of Highland’s Hybrid Sportage is an ideal choice for your next car no matter who you are or where you’re going.

According to Thomas Kia of Highland Salesperson Paige Seely, the mileage on the Hybrid Sportage is like no other vehicle the dealership has ever seen.

“One major key advantage to having this car is the gas mileage,” said Seely. “The mileage in this car is about 38 miles per gallon, and this is something that Kia doesn't offer with any other vehicle that size. With that gas mileage, the next car up from that is a third-row, and this one only has two rows.”

The interior also has many tech-savvy features to keep passengers intrigued and entertained on every trip, including the main screen front and center on the vehicle’s dashboard.

“Another advantage of this car is the screen size on it - it’s huge,” Seely said. “It’s around 24 inches, which is unlike any other project segment. It’s super cool and probably one of my favorite things about it.” 

While ideal for any age group, Seely believes the car will resonate the most with those in a similar stage of life as herself. As someone just out of college, Seely is part of the generation who has grown up in the newly digital world, and found it fairly easy to navigate the different technological amenities that come with the Hybrid Sportage. 

“This car would be perfect for someone that just graduated from school or will soon who wants something a little bit more mature,” Seely said. “A big reason I say this is because this car is great for someone who's tech savvy. There are a lot of features and buttons on this car. It could take a lot of time to learn, but probably would be easiest for someone in their mid-20s. Even though it’s a higher price point car, for anyone that doesn't need a third row, it can be a great vehicle.”

During her time on the sales floor at Thomas Kia, Seely was able to learn all the ins and outs of the Hybrid Sportage. By doing so, she fell in love with the vehicle and decided to take it for a spin herself. Now a proud owner of the vehicle, she couldn’t imagine herself behind the wheel of any other car.

“These features were why I chose this car over any other ones, but the heated seats, the ventilated seats, and a heated steering wheel, were what really sold me as well,” she said.

It wasn’t too long after purchasing the vehicle that Seely was confident she made the right choice. She found it easier than ever to navigate the road, especially with how easy it was to work around blind spots.

“Another one of the main features of the Hybrid Sportage that I really enjoy is how it helps you with your blind spots,” Seely said. “When you turn on your turn signal, you will see a camera view for your driver side and passenger side, which is not something that I thought I needed, but it's definitely beneficial. Now, it’s one of my favorite things.”

While new, those wanting a Hybrid Sportage of their own will have to hold on a bit longer. Seely noted it will be an estimated 14-16 week minimum time frame until the dealership will have another Hybrid Sportage available, but she promises it’s definitely worth the wait. 

“We had nine, and then we had one other one come in since then. We have not had any other Hybrids since,” she said. “I have a lot of friends wanting this car, and now my favorite thing to do when a customer asks us about a Sportage is to go out and show them mine, and they always fall in love with it.”

In the meantime, whether it be a question about the Hybrid Sportage or any Kia vehicle across the board, be sure to stop by Thomas Kia. A friendly and welcoming team will be there to greet you and will happily assist with any vehicle needs.

“Thomas Kia is a great environment; we have great people,” Seely said. “Many customers have told both myself and my coworkers that everyone here is just super friendly and nice. We're all more than happy to help from the moment you walk in, to the moment you leave. If you have any questions, all of us are jumping out of our seats to come help.”

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