Thomas Kia of Highland’s Tom Seely makes wish come true for cancer fighter Mark Wolfe

Thomas Kia of Highland’s Tom Seely makes wish come true for cancer fighter Mark Wolfe

If you have ever stepped foot in Thomas Kia of Highland, you likely know or have heard the name Tom Seely. As General Manager at Thomas Kia, Seely stays connected to others thanks to the relationship he has formed between the dealership and the community. His willingness to go above and beyond for his customers has been demonstrated countless times. One of which we had the pleasure of hearing about this past week.

Seely found the perfect opportunity to make a bucket list wish come true. Mark Wolfe, who is currently battling Stage IV bone cancer, has always had a dream in mind: drive a brand-new Toyota Landcruiser.

It was thanks to Mike Sutter of Chesterton, owner of Northern Plant Services in Portage, that Seely became connected to Wolfe.

As described by Sutter, Mark Wolfe is an incredibly loyal Toyota Landcruiser driver as his current Landcrusier totals 300,000 miles and counting. Sutter mentioned that it was on Wolfe’s bucket list to drive a brand-new landcruiser, so Seely got to work, knowing exactly what to do.

“Tom really came through with a great act of kindness,” said Sutter. Mark has been driving his car for so long, he said it would be a really nice feeling to be driving a new one.”

After connecting with the owners of Thomas Kia, who also own a Toyota dealership in Illinois, Seely was able to bring Wolfe to Thomas Kia to pick up his brand new Toyota Landcruiser to drive for the weekend. Being able to spend time driving around the beautiful car was not only a dream come true for Wolfe, but a memory he will always remember.

Thanks to Tom Seely of Thomas Kia for sharing this great story with GreatNews.Life. Keep paying it forward by continuing to make more bucket list wishes come true. Check out the video clip below to catch a quick glimpse of Wolfe’s appreciation following his weekend with the car.