Thomas KIA of Highland offers red carpet service to any make or model

Thomas KIA of Highland offers red carpet service to any make or model

It's easy to forget that cars are highly complex machines with countless moving parts, until that dreaded check engine light comes on and your local repair shop is handing you a big bill. Just like your body, they require regular upkeep and maintenance to stay effective and reliable, and free of expensive breakdowns.

Dealerships are often talked about for their fancy showrooms, great salespeople, or quality vehicles. Yet Thomas KIA of Highland also offers an expert professional maintenance and repair service, along with a fast and affordable parts department.

“We’ve got the best service in the area and we take care of our customers,” said Neddie Burks, Service Manager at Thomas KIA of Highland. “Everything they ask for is documented, and we only quote them for what they need. We do what our customers want, there’s no extra pressure.”

Often, customers come to Burks after trying to get their problems solved at other dealerships or repair shops. Sometimes they're quoted an unfair price, or their repair failed just days later.

“Just the other day, a customer came in with a car they’d bought very recently at another dealer,” Burks said. “They weren’t able to get quality service from the dealership they’d purchased it from a week ago. She was having an issue, we got her right in, got her car looked at and fixed up. She was very happy that we got to her right away and made sure she was safe.”

Burks runs his team with a simple philosophy, keeping things quick, simple, and honest with every customer.

“We’re a family-oriented dealership,” he said. “When they come through the door, they get a big welcome and we pull up the manual for their vehicle, no matter who manufactured it.”

You don’t need to drive a Kia to take advantage of Thomas KIA of Highland’s service team.

“Every customer gets the treatment,” Burks said. “We’ve got your Wi-Fi, PC plugins, all you can eat popcorn, and so on. Even if you didn’t buy your car here, you’ll get the red carpet rolled out.”

As a Kia dealer, it’s a given that the service team are experts at handling Kia vehicles, but their talents go beyond that.

“All of my technicians are highly trained,” Burks said. “They know Kia products in and out, but they’re also ASE [Automotive Service Excellence] certified on all kinds of other makes and models. We can also provide warranties on those other brands. Say you bring in a GMC, we can still get you a one year warranty to replace the parts. You’re more protected with us.”

Thomas KIA of Highland’s parts department also keeps a wide inventory on hand, and can get just about any part you order or the service team needs within a day. Visit to learn more, and to find a wide variety of coupons like 15% off all Kia engine and cabin air filters, or a free brake inspection.