Thomas Kia of Highland hosts first Indiana car dealership wedding since 1971 for employee Carla Kitzmiller

Thomas Kia of Highland hosts first Indiana car dealership wedding since 1971 for employee Carla Kitzmiller

Weddings are a culmination of years of love, joy, and great memories. And when one occurs, it is truly a special time for everyone involved.

Now imagine all of that, but having your workplace involved in the festivities. That is exactly what happened with Carla Kitzmiller and John Porter’s wedding ceremony on April 1 when her employer, Thomas Kia of Highland, hosted the wedding in its own showroom. With dozens of guests and a wonderful reception afterward, it truly was a momentous celebration of life.

“Believe it or not, the idea of having the wedding here at the dealership started out as a joke,” Kitzmiller explained. “I was getting married on a Thursday, so most of my co-workers wouldn’t be able to make it to the ceremony. Looking back, it was better to have it here at the dealership so that all of my family members, especially my mom, my husband’s mom, and co-workers can attend. It worked out perfectly in the end.”

Kitzmiller has been with Thomas Kia for over four years. To Kitzmiller, having her co-workers there on one of the most special days of her life was incredibly important to her. They have always been there for her, considerate of her livelihood, and ready to comfort her during the bad days. In fact, one of her co-workers, Kara Kawanna, became an ordained minister just to marry the couple herself on the big day.

“When the day came, it turned out way better than I expected,” Kitzmiller explained. “My co-workers went all-out when it came to decorating the showroom and preparing for the ceremony. Frankly, I was overwhelmed with joy with their generosity and kindness, and the whole thing really showed their love for me and the rest of the Thomas Kia family.”

“There hasn’t been a wedding in a car dealership in Indiana since 1971, so this was such an incredible experience for not just Carla and her husband, but for all of us,” said Tom Seely, General Manager of Thomas KIA of Highland. “Carla wanted pink and white for her wedding colors, so we had a company come in and change all of the balloons to that color and we took time to properly adorn everything in the showroom to match the color schemes and decor.”

After the ceremony, the Thomas Kia family enjoyed a delicious potluck meal and music courtesy of the DJ. It truly was a day to remember for everyone in attendance.

“When we say Thomas Kia has a family atmosphere, we truly mean it,” Seely explained. “Everybody brought in food and desserts for the potluck. We had so many staff members help prepare for the ceremony in the showroom in more ways than one, and everybody lent their support to Carla leading up to the day of the wedding.”

“We strive to maintain that tight-knit, family-oriented atmosphere to bring the entire community together, especially to celebrate one of our own,” he continued. “We’re here for each other through thick and thin.”

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