The Use of Technology is Thriving in Portage High School’s Business Department

PHS-Business-Class-Starts-New-ClubMrs. Kern’s Web Design classes have finally published their web pages with topics ranging from sports (Portage Wresting site), study sites for classes, diesel engines, and even how to solve a Rubrics cube. Adobe Photoshop was used to enhance the appearance of their images, and all students made sure that they adhered to copyright laws.

Our Programming classes have been learning using the flipped classroom concept. Project based learning is alive and working well in Mr. Lochmondy’s Programming classes. These students are learning collaboration, developing proper presentation skills, using time management, and attaining programming skills through research and applying past learning. The students are excited to present next week.

Mrs. Slamkowski’s Business Law class will be presenting “Famous Jury Trials” using various multi-media.