The rise of lacrosse in high schools in the Region: Fostering athletes and building communities

The rise of lacrosse in high schools in the Region: Fostering athletes and building communities

Lacrosse, a sport steeped in tradition and excitement, has seen a significant rise in popularity among high school students in Northwest Indiana (NWI). The Region, known for its rich sporting culture, has embraced lacrosse as a thrilling and competitive athletic pursuit. 

Lacrosse, often referred to as "the fastest sport on two feet," is a dynamic and exhilarating game that combines athleticism, skill, and strategy. Originating from Native American tribes, lacrosse has evolved into a highly organized sport played worldwide. 

In the team sport of lacrosse, a stick with a mesh or net on one end is used to pass the ball between teammates. Similar to many team sports involving a ball, the purpose of the game is to fire the ball into the opponent's goal more frequently than they do into yours. The goal of using the lacrosse stick, sometimes known as the "crosse," is to prevent your opponents from getting possession of the ball by catching, carrying, and passing it.

Schools have recognized the unique appeal of this fast-paced game, leading to the establishment of dedicated lacrosse programs. As a result, more students are discovering the sport and have the opportunity to engage in a dynamic and challenging team-based activity.

Girls and boys high school/middle school teams or clubs exist for lacrosse in the area. Young students or athletes can occasionally utilize training to teach them the sport and help them grow into Junior Varsity (JV) and Varsity (V) levels. 

For instance, high school ladies are rostered from the local schools by Crown Point Lacrosse Club, and they play for the Indiana Girls Lacrosse Association (IGLA). The boys are merely students at Crown Point High School. 

However, this is not true for the sport in the entire Region. Like the Crown Point Girls Lacrosse team, teams from Chesterton High School and Munster High School play in both co-ed and club sports. 

The Crown Point lacrosse team's home games are played in Crown Point at the Crown Point Sports Complex and run from March to early June. La Porte High School’s lacrosse teams play at LPHS’s Kiwanis Field, which is the football field. The Munster High School lacrosse teams play at Cobblestone Park, and Chesterton High School (CHS)’s lacrosse teams play at Main Turf Field.

La Porte High School has one men's team, La Porte Lacrosse Club (LLC), which plays under the Indiana High School Lacrosse Association (IHSLA), as do the rest of the schools like Crown Point, Chesterton, and Munster.

The fifth and sixth grades and the seventh and eighth grades comprise the two levels of the La Porte Lacrosse Middle School program. The Northern Indiana Lacrosse Association (NILA) is home to La Porte Middle School’s lacrosse team. 

Specialists say those who engage in intense physical activities for prolonged periods can relieve the symptoms of mild to moderate anxiety and depression. Such activities can also promote stress relief and minimize the effects of stress-related ailments. There's also a sense of teamwork and camaraderie in the sport so the students can connect, which helps the mental state as well. 

Lacrosse has established itself as a compelling and beloved sport in high schools across Northwest Indiana. The rise of lacrosse programs has provided students with the opportunity to engage in a dynamic athletic pursuit, fostering their athletic development, personal growth, and community engagement. 

As the popularity of lacrosse continues to grow, Northwest Indiana is witnessing the emergence of a vibrant lacrosse community where players, families, and fans come together to celebrate the sport's tradition, excitement, and values. The future of lacrosse in high schools in Northwest Indiana is promising, as it continues to leave a lasting impact on the lives of students and enrich the sporting landscape of the Region.

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