The Region Slips Into Heels for Meals on Wheels of Northwest Indiana

The Region Slips Into Heels for Meals on Wheels of Northwest Indiana
By: Mandy Haack Last Updated: September 7, 2018

Meals on Wheels of Northwest Indiana continues to support the community through many outlets, such as its unique fundraising approach. One prime example is the fundraising event Heels for Meals. The event prompts guests to sport the funkiest, most outrageous heels, flats, or socks in order to compete for the winning spot in those three different categories. Heels for Meals was specifically designed to raise funds for the Meals on Wheels endowment fund in order to support their long term service to the community.

Jodi Bella, Business Development Manager for Meals on Wheels of NWI, shared the details of the underlying mission.

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“We provide meals for people ages three and up for a variety of needs. We assist people with disabilities, pregnant women on bed rest, or individuals recovering from surgery. A lot of our seniors use us to manage chronic illnesses and health issues,” Bella said.

The event included entertainment such as live music from jazz guitarist Martin Metzger, singer-songwriter Justin Sumler, and a special guest hula hoop performance by Ebonie Hoops.

Additionally, quirky and fun games were available to guests, such as Champagne Pong, Giant KerPlunk, Fling the Ring, and many others, as well as a raffle with various prizes.

Jane Dudley, an attendee, passionately shared her insight about the service Meals on Wheels provides its community.

“I’ve been supporting Meals on Wheels for as long as I can remember. They do wonderful work, and any chance I have to support them, I do it. This event is fabulous and you just can’t beat it,” Dudley said.

She spoke about the various people Meals on Wheels reaches out to.

“Most people think that they [Meals on Wheels] specifically only help seniors, but sometimes there are other instances, such as a broken leg. You just don’t realize how many families and people they have touched,” Dudley said.

Jenny Craig-Brown, a member of the Heels for Meals planning committee for the second year in a row, shared her enthusiasm toward the event and volunteering in general.

“I love that we feed the community in which we live. I joined the Heels for Meals committee because I love fundraising in general, and if you can make it fun, that’s the best part about it! Having a great time, while making money for a great cause,” Craig-Brown said.

The event included an open bar, and a vast array of food and desserts. Peta Harrison, Executive Chef at the Residences at Coffee Creek in Chesterton, was proud of the exquisite dessert spread they made available at the event.

“Any type of fundraising or funding for Meals on Wheels is important. We love to be a part of the cause in a fun way,” Harrison said.

Heels for Meals is just one way that the community can support Meals on Wheels of NWI and their outreach into the community. The event was a success and welcomed many new faces this year. If you are interested in the event, getting involved with Meals on Wheel, donating, or registering someone for meal service, visit