The Environmental Division of Porter County’s Health Department works to create the ideal living space for its residents

The Environmental Division of Porter County’s Health Department works to create the ideal living space for its residents

As one of the five divisions that make up the Porter County Health Department, the Environmental Division is hard at work to make sure county residents have the ideal conditions they need to live healthy, successful lives. 

“The Environmental Division is one of five divisions that make up the Porter County Health Department,” said Environmental Director Dan Boyd. “The other divisions are Nursing, Food Service Inspection, Emergency Preparedness and Vital Records.”

With a small but mighty staff, each employee has responsibilities that cover a broad range of areas throughout the county, making no two days the same. 

“Each day is different. Some days we are inspecting septic systems, and other days we are inspecting public pools, or tattoo facilities. Most days are a mix of different responsibilities,” Boyd said.

Boyd further explained that while the objectives may change from day-to-day, each is always completed with the common goal of creating the best possible environment for Porter County and its residents. The Division works hard to make sure the environment within Porter County is in tip-top shape all year round. 

“We’re responsible for determining the specifications, permitting, and inspecting residential septic systems both for new construction homes and existing homes that need to replace their existing septic system. We also permit and inspect public/semi-public swimming pools and spas, such as hotels, apartment complexes, and schools. We inspect and permit tattoo and piercing facilities, which includes businesses that do permanent make up,” said Boyd. “We collect weekly water samples for E. coli testing from eight inland beaches between Memorial Day and Labor Day. We submit rabies samples to the Indiana Department of Health for testing for possible rabies exposure.” 

For Boyd, knowing that his work is making a positive impact on many local communities is what brings it all together. Helping people in Porter County live healthy, successful lives is what Boyd finds most impactful and meaningful about his work.

“The inspections conducted by the Environmental Division help to ensure that the residents of Porter County can interact with their environment and not be exposed to potential health risks. I enjoy the variety of experiences I encounter each day and the ability to help and educate the public,” he said.

Boyd noted that Porter County residents are welcome to contact the Environmental Division for a variety of needs, and he and his team will be more than happy to assist with any questions or comments anyone may have. This includes adding bedrooms to an existing residence; building a house addition or accessory structure, such as a pool, shed, pole barn on your property; septic issues with your property or neighboring septic system; any questions concerning the installation of a septic system on a piece of property; inquiring a list of registered soil scientists or septic installers; finding a bat that is found in the living space of your house; opening a tattoo parlor or a public pool, hot tub, water park or splash pad; and others.

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