Tell Me Something Good

Tell-Me-Something-GoodThank you every single one who shared something good with me this Sunday when I asked some friends to "Tell me something good," and for these many years giving us something positive to report on, share and celebrate. There are so many challenges we are all facing that are streaming in front of us every day. Even more of them are happening every day that encourage us all about the generally positive state of mankind. Your words, stories and pictures are like vitamins for the soul. I experience much of what his great in life through you.

Tell-Me-Something-Good_02Jenny Craig-Brown: "I get to hang with this beautiful lady today!"

Michelle Duca: "Feline Community Network adopted out 10 kitties in the last week! 7 being adults!!! That's positive!"

Cathy Brown Brown: "My kids are intellectual enough to attend college. #grateful"

Rick Gosser: "Everything is positive if you have the right mind set. Most importantly: we woke up to see today! It all goes uphill from that."

Gloria Notaro: "The weather is beautiful and my flowers are stunning."

Melissa S. Topor Huffman: "Heading to the UFC GYM"

Tell-Me-Something-Good_03Deanna Grimes: "This girl had a blast this weekend celebrating her big cousins 7th birthday"

Susan Ullum-Gleason: "The Chicago air show is wrapping up today. Beautiful day for it!"

Tell-Me-Something-Good_04Melissa Wellman Priest: "It's our 18th wedding anniversary!"

Tiffany Hollandsworth: "Both of our girls are thriving, responsible, smart, contributing members of society."

Laura Gerhardt: "Daughter playin piano, son driving home from 1st trip to New York, husband on deck watching horses drinking wine. Me...tending cauliflower and filet, life is GOOD"

Annmarie Kohler: "Had a friend break collar bone riding motocross today, took him 2 hours to the hospital and other friends took his truck home. Thankful that we went so he could get the help he needed, that wouldn't have happened if we didn't. And he's at the hospital now doing ok."

Katie Reagan Holderby: "Solar eclipse glasses are still available at the Indiana Welcome Center. Opens at 7:00 am. Limited quantity!"

Brad Pessmeg: "It was a great day hanging with our granddaughter..."

Dan McGuire: "We are all here and able to post someting postive to your post."

Dawn Noël Fitzer Brown: "I am thankful that my (newly) teenage daughter has chosen kind, thoughtful, wonderful friends."

Tell-Me-Something-Good_05Christopher Perez: "Valpo university women's soccer opened the season with 2 wins. 3-0 and 2-0 today. Haven't conceded a goal so far! Well done John Marovich and the lady crusaders."

Jerry Davich: "Something good? Well... There's this media mogul in NWI who keeps reminding us through news, views and photos that positive news is all around us if we simply look for it, acknowledge it and appreciate it. Maybe you've heard of him. Maybe you ARE him."

Tom Feldhaus: "My Daddy's Rich And My Momma's Good Lookin!"

Nancy Hershman: "I got to visit with my sister from Montana and my nephew from Arizona this weekend and eat hard shell crabs, went to a fundraiser for the Make a Wish Foundation and witnessed a large convoy of tractor trailers and motorcycles raising awareness for that cause, went to the fair, played with a baby, and held a kitten and rubbed its fat little belly."

Tell-Me-Something-Good_06Ryan Wright: "Here's a cute picture of Ella."

Rosanne Antanaitis-Alamillo: "Went to the Milwaukee Zoo Ala Cart event to raise money for the zoo with hubbies family! Fabulous food and entertainment this past weekend!"

dalton-weddingJulie Newman DaltonAwesome family and new daughter! 2 kids married! We are blessed beyond measure!

Barbie Rago JohnsonMy niece, a wonderful woman, is getting married Saturday to a wonderful man!