Tech Upgrade Boosts PCACS Bus Service

PCAS-bus-service-tech-upgrade-01A tech update is taking Porter County Aging and Community Services’ transportation program to a new level.

“Our transportation software and scheduling program is on track for a massive upgrade. With the assistance of a grant from NIRPC, our RouteMatch system is being upgraded to also include tablets for our bus drivers,” said PCACS Executive Director Bruce Lindner.

He said through the tablets, bus drivers will be able to receive turn-by-turn GPS instructions on the shortest route as well as receive updated service calls or changes to the day’s schedule through real-time scheduling.

“The computer will help the driver figure out the most efficient way and best way to pick up and drop off passengers,” Lindner said. “It will be easier for our drivers to keep track of their information such as miles and times for pick-ups and drop-offs. Hopefully, this will allow us to increase the number of people we give rides to and save gas.”

The software upgrade will also include a reminder call to scheduled riders the day before, a service they can opt out of.

“We have 40 no-shows a month so we hope the reminder calls will help cut that down,” Lindner said. “Fewer no-shows will save gas and our drivers’ time and would allow us to fill up the schedule with other riders.”

PCACS’ transportation program is a county-wide door-to-door service. To schedule a ride, contact the transportation office at (219) 462-4302.

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