Stop the Hush Working to Raise Awareness and Combat Drug Issues

By: Stop the Hush Last Updated: April 13, 2011

Stop-The-Hush-LogoStop the Hush is a group dedicated to vocalizing the drug problem in Porter County that has been hushed for too long. Porter County is the third in the nation per capita for drug overdoses and ER visits related to drug use. Something needs to be done and someone needs to just speak. Be a voice against this problem and be heard.

Stop the Hush is dedicated to raising awareness about the drug problem in Porter County and to implement resolution by providing alternatives for our youth.

On April 10, Stop the Hush launched their new website, housing information about what the organization is doing to combat and vocalize the drug problem in Porter County , as well as featuring the following:

  • A blog about the effects of substance abuse, county, state, and nationwide.
  • Video testimonials as we receive them from different people who have personally been affected by substance abuse.
  • Forums for youth in the county to talk about their personal experiences with substance abuse and to share news about alternative things to do in the community.
  • An event page that will highlight activities for young adults.
  • A "Find Help" page that will provide a bridge for those seeking help to the professionals and also give visitors links to other organizations in the county with the same mission.
  • A store in which our merchandise will be sold.

This website gives young adults in the community somewhere to go that is raw and real, to learn more about the druge problem in Porter County and find out what they can do alternatively instead of becoming part of the problem. Visit the site here! Stay updated with events by following Stop the Hush on Facebook!