Steve’s Deep Cuts: Dear Mama

Steve’s Deep Cuts: Dear Mama

Dear Mama...

“And when it seems that I'm hopeless, you say the words that can get me back in focus.”

To be perfectly honest, I love working a job that focuses only on the good in life because my mind has a tendency to pull me down. I don’t know why, but with the flick of a switch my brain turns puddles into oceans and fences into walls.

Then I call my mom, and she reminds me that you can climb a mountain if you take it one step at a time; that she believes in me. And it’s not one of those “you’re the smartest in the world, nothing can beat my boy” type pep talks, but a real, genuine one that reminds me I always have someone in my corner.

“Cause when I was low you was there for me, and never left me alone because you cared for me”

When we’re down, one of two things can happen: We can stay down, or we can get back up.

If I was/am ever down, I can count on three things to happen after that: my mom to be there for me, my dad to be there for me, and my sister to be there for me. They inspire me in what I do today, to be quite honest. I don’t think I ever told them this, probably should, but the reason I will go towards the ends of the Earth for anyone I know is because I was taught by example from my parents.

They are the reason my hand will always be out to help up another, and I am forever grateful they taught me this.

“And there's no way I can pay you back... But my plan is to show you that I understand, you are appreciated…”

I mean this in so many ways, but I wish I could show my mom how much she is appreciated. I wish I could buy her a house or a car, or be perfect so my parents could be at peace. I wish that the words “I Love You” could manifest into a representation of what they truly mean to me when I say them.

But for now, it’s all I got…

Dear Mama,

I love you.

Dear dad and sister, I really love you, too. Just not your day, you understand.