Steindler Signs & Graphix post and panel signs offer simple, but eye-catching displays

Steindler Signs & Graphix post and panel signs offer simple, but eye-catching displays

The key to an eye-catching sign is not in how big it is or from how far away you can see it. A good sign is durable and simple, representing everything from the business’s aesthetic and brand, directions, contact information, and even how to find your way through the parking lot. Steindler Signs & Graphix knows what goes into creating a sign that lasts with evidence you can see throughout the Region.

Here’s what you need to know about post and panel signs for the next time you pass by a Steindler Signs & Graphix creation.

Post and panel signs are the most cost-effective

When a business is just starting out, designing and constructing a monument sign—often seen off highways, fast food restaurants, grocery stores, and other places in constant competition with others—is often not the economical choice. Post and panel signs, however, are cost-effective and a great temporary option for businesses just starting out or in need of something that won’t drain the bank.

Not only will they not drain the bank, but post and panel signs are still durable like traditional monument signs, holding their own against weather and everyday wear and tear.

They’re made from some expected and unexpected material

The durability of post and panel signs comes from the variety of materials used to create them. From rigid panels to wood to metal and even to foam, these signs utilize cost-effective materials and are then installed on strong panels into the ground.

Sign makers like Steindler Signs & Graphix will then paint these signs to the customer’s liking for a more old-fashioned, classic look. In Valparaiso, Foundation Meadows Park off Campbell Street boasts this kind of finish, establishing a classic, welcoming tone for Valpo Parks guests.

For a sleek and simple look, businesses like Opportunity Enterprises opted to adorn its "Simply Amazing Market" post and panel sign with a UV-laminated vinyl graphic. The glossy, shiny liquid coating applied to the surface and then cured with a special UV light creates an exciting and colorful welcome sign.

3D letters add dimension and drama

While the sleek UV-laminated signs are effective and eye-catching on their own, the more dramatic post and panel signs featuring 3D letters made from extruded aluminum or sandblasted foam added dimension to these signs, making them stand out even more.

A sign created for a local subdivision, Whitetail Crossing, is a perfect example of this. Featuring 3D letters and backgrounds and a prominent deer with antlers not confined to its circular frame, the sign catches your attention as you drive past and makes you pay closer attention to the side of the road for deer.

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