Steindler Signs & Graphix leads the way in projects for emergency facilities and vehicles

Steindler Signs & Graphix leads the way in projects for emergency facilities and vehicles

Over the last 13 years, the Steindler Signs & Graphix team have gained a professional reputation from their impressive experience in the field. The Wanatah based team has worked with various hospitals, fire, and police departments in the region for 12 out of their 13 years in business. These three types of clients all fall under one specific category: emergency projects. Emergency signage in particular has a few extra requirements that make them unique from the rest.

Signage becomes one of the most important factors of emergency vehicles and facilities because of their purpose. It is during times of emergency that they are recognized most. These places must be identifiable and clearly seen to be utilized in the case of an emergency.

“If you’re having a heart attack and need to quickly find the emergency room, our job with the signage is to make sure you can find it right away and don’t accidentally end up at an abandoned Taco Bell instead,” said Chris Wszolek, Steindler Signs & Graphix Graphic Designer.

Every emergency project is customized with specific style and branding, just like other projects outside the field. Emergency vehicles require materials that make them pop, such as reflective vinyl for high visibility and material that makes emergency signage easily readable and immediately recognizable. All emergency buildings must meet ADA requirements as well.

It is important to remember that each project is detailed, and with every project, comes a story. One project in particular stuck with the team.

“I’d say Porter Hospital’s emergency room expansion at Valparaiso Medical Center was a very exciting project,” Wszolek said. “We were awarded the bid early in the process so it involved a lot of planning. We ended up producing two sets of red illuminated “EMERGENCY” channel letters, dimensional logos at the entrances, exterior directories, updated roadside monuments, parking signs, and various interior signs.”

“It was a large undertaking and we had very strict deadlines for everything. It took our whole team and multiple trucks to get everything installed in one day for the opening,” he continued.

That story, alongside hundreds more, holds a special place in the hearts of the Steindler Signs’ team. At the end of the day, those big EMERGENCY letters can easily save someone’s life.

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