State of LIFE – 2016

By: Ideas in Motion Media Last Updated: May 5, 2015

Six years ago, we were four people working at a relentless pace above a garage, to build a website based entirely on one simple premise: Good News. A crazy dream based on a basic belief that positive breeds positive, and that people want to read, hear, and watch stuff about good people. A place you can go to enjoy positive, community-oriented information about the town, city, or region you live in and the people involved. A place where you can celebrate what is right in the world, share it with your friends, family, community, and neighbors at school, work, or place of worship...and have fun doing it!

Our social media networks not only reach, but engage & motivate to action far more than just our fans. Fans of LIFE read about your organization online and show their positive engagement via their own social networks with likes, shares, tweets, & comments, which builds on the positive impact.

Six years ago, we were four people working at a relentless pace above a garage. Today, we have grown to an army of thirty LIFERS because of the thousands of people, partners, and fans that have enlisted in our mission. These LIFERS have helped teachers, pastors, coaches, volunteers, moms, dads, and communities celebrate the positive around them.

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