Stakeholders Stepping In, Supporting, Guiding Our Youth

John-ZackOften, we as a school corporation take the time to celebrate our students, their accomplishments, and promote suggestions to enhance student successes.

However not all avenues of support can come from our school to support the students. The stakeholders — businesses, organizations, relatives, parents, even you the reader — all support our students through guidance, jobs, and being involved in our students’ lives. In order to express our thanks, this week we would like to highlight some stakeholder involvement and to possibly inspire those of you out there who would like to be involved but are not sure exactly how to do so.

This month, PHS will again be hosting a Manufacturing Day where local businesses (those in Portage and the surrounding areas) take a day to showcase what outstanding jobs are available right here in our area with the hopes of motivating our students to not only achieve their dreams, but to realize that they do not have to leave the region to do so. Last year we had many businesses attend and we look forward to their return as well as welcoming new businesses.

Students were exposed to businesses such as US Steel, Fronius, ArecelorMittal, MonoSol LLC and more all to inform them about the opportunities to achieve their dreams and provide inspiration and motivation to become the best addition to society that they can be.

Every month, the Portage Exchange Club, and the Portage Rotary Club take time at their meetings to celebrate different groups of students and to provide them an opportunity to showcase their talents while those groups donate their treasures. The Rotary Club has taken their interest to help sponsor a high school club that is in the works towards providing students opportunities to improve our community. While the Exchange Club along with WalMart continues to raise monies to provide the neediest of families in our school district an opportunity to purchase clothing for the holiday season. Both clubs provide so much more to the school and community and you are encouraged to attend one of their meetings to find out more.

Throughout the year, the Portage Township Education Foundation raises funds (500 Club and Brew Fest) to provide grant opportunities for teachers. Teachers are encouraged to expand beyond the normal curricula and these grants provide the funding for these opportunities — all of which the students are the true recipients. PTEF works tirelessly by recruiting members, obtaining donations for auction at Brew Fest, and continuously promoting teacher innovation in the classroom.

These are just a few of the ongoing opportunities that the community of stakeholders is providing our students and by no means is this a comprehensive list. It does not need to stop there however. If you believe that our students have a need that you can fulfill, if you feel inspired to provide an opportunity in which students will be the ultimate benefactors, or if you want to work with any of these aforementioned groups, please step forward and become involved.

Our school provides the framework of knowledge, opportunity, and skills for students to become successful. With the interest and integration of our stakeholders — and again that is everyone in the area — our students and therefore community will only benefit by creating a richer and more fulfilling educational experience.

John Zack is assistant principal at Portage High School.