St. Mary Medical Center Recognizes Top Performing Nurses During National Nurses Week

St. Mary Medical Center Recognizes Top Performing Nurses During National Nurses Week

In recognition of National Nurses Week, St. Mary Medical Center administration and staff awarded five nurses with the 2016 Nursing Pillar Awards. These awards honor nurses who go above and beyond their duties, providing the best in patient care across five categories that represent the hospital’s operational mission and goals: Service, Quality, Finance, Growth and People, as well as a Super Star Award for the nurse who best exemplifies the characteristics of all categories combined.

“The Nursing Pillar Awards provides an opportunity for nurse peers to recognize the outstanding contributions of their co-workers,” said Tammie Jones, vice president of Patient Care Services and chief nursing officer at St. Mary Medical Center. “These nurses are just a few examples of the extraordinary healthcare professionals working hard to deliver quality care at our hospital.”

“Our nurses are the heart of the hospital, providing compassionate care to our patients every day,” said Janice Ryba, CEO of St. Mary Medical Center. “It is an honor to celebrate their dedication to our mission in providing exceptional care to the community.”

The St. Mary Medical Center 2016 Nursing Pillar Award recipients are:

Service – Steve Lopez, RN, Griffith
Lopez has worked at St. Mary Medical Center for more than three years. He is supportive of and greets new initiatives on the unit with positivity and enthusiasm. Lopez is routinely recognized by his patients and peers for the care he provides. He is described as compassionate, treating each patient with extreme dignity and empathy. Lopez is consistent in his hourly rounding and bedside shift reports, ensuring patient safety remains top priority.

Quality – Josette Crostreet, RN, Valparaiso
Crostreet has served at St. Mary Medical Center for more than seven years. She strives to make improvements to the quality of patient care on a daily basis, utilizing evidence-based practices to help improve processes. Crostreet’s patient reports are clear, concise and organized, and physicians trust and value her input. She often helps to train new nurses and actively takes part in unit education, as well as updating protocols.

Finance – Sheena Tinner, RN, Gary
Tinner has been at St. Mary Medical Center for more than six years. She is described as efficient, always working hard to increase productivity and decrease costs. Tinner proactively takes action to minimize complications and provides outstanding patient care, maintaining a safe environment. She has also implemented several ideas to better utilize supplies and minimize waste in her unit.

Growth – Jennifer Mulvihill, RN, Portage
Mulvihill has worked at St. Mary Medical Center for more than seven years. She is described as the first to rally her team whenever there are new programs or initiatives implemented. When additional education or research is needed, Mulvihill is always willing go above and beyond. Her positive attitude and spirit helps drive others in her unit towards success. Mulvihill participates on the hospital’s Shared Governance Quality and Coordinating Councils, working to make nursing care at St. Mary Medical Center the best it can be.

People – Randall Quirk, RN, Crown Point
Quirk has been at St. Mary Medical Center for nearly a year. He is described as a team player, dependable and reliable, who goes out of his way to help others. Quirk willingly offers help, even when he is working a busy shift. He exudes compassion when working with patients and their families, always serving with a positive attitude. Quirk is courteous and professional, frequently managing up his peers and the hospital.

Super Star – Jodie Blackman, RN, Lowell
Blackman has served at St. Mary Medical Center for nearly six years. Her peers follow her example and physicians value the care she provides her patients. Blackman is described as the “go to” person on her unit. She knows what is going on with the entire department and will go out of her way to help others. Blackman fully supports new programs and remains efficient while providing quality patient care. She continues to advance her knowledge by obtaining additional education whenever she can. Blackman is truly a super star to those who know and work with her.