Spring Cleaning Your Finances

Spring Cleaning Your Finances

Spring Cleaning Your Finances

Everyone is familiar with spring cleaning – throw the windows open, clean the carpets, scrub the tile, re-caulk the bathtub. But have you ever thought about taking that same mentality to your finances?

Take a look at your budget

Spring is the perfect time to sit down and review your budget. Do you need to make adjustments? Can you save more? Do you need to cut back on anything? Banzai has a great budget calculator to help you make those hard decisions. Check it out here.

Prioritize your debt

Do you have a balance on a credit card or another line of credit? Take inventory of what debts you have, and make a game plan for paying those off. Did you know that Allegius partners with GreenPath financial services? GreenPath can help you create a game plan for paying off your debt. Learn more here.

Build your emergency fund

Now is the time to take a look at your savings, and look for ways to add to that this year. Allegius offers two types of savings accounts, and both will help you reach your savings goals. Our Special Savings Account offers no monthly service fee, and no minimum deposit. Our Share Savings Account establishes your membership at Allegius, and gives you competitive dividends on balances over $50.

Revisit your account rewards

Do you have a rewards checking account? If not, be sure to look into the Free Kasasa Cash Back Checking Account! This account requires no monthly maintenance fee, pays up to 4.00% cash back on all debit card purchases, and has no minimum balance to earn rewards. Why not earn while you spend?

This spring, be sure to take a look at your finances! Saving money can be easy, and Allegius Credit Union is here to help.