South Shore Line Hosts Job Fair at the Blue Chip Casino

South Shore Line Hosts Job Fair at the Blue Chip Casino

Jobseekers and employers from the South Shore Line got together in the Suncoast room at the Blue Chip Casino, Hotel and Spa on February 6 for the South Shore Line job fair. 

Today’s job fair included different departments within the South Shore Line company. Supervisors from all departments were in attendance to find suitable candidates for the jobs on offer. 

South Shore Line Job Fair 2024

South Shore Line Job Fair 2024 35 Photos
South Shore Line Job Fair 2024South Shore Line Job Fair 2024South Shore Line Job Fair 2024South Shore Line Job Fair 2024

“At our last job fair, we had quite a few people. As of right now, amongst all these police departments, there is a shortage of manpower. We are down two officers at the moment, and we hope to fill those positions in the near future. This job fair, hopefully, will encourage some people to come out and apply to be a police officer,” said Justin Watson Jr., Chief of Police for Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation.

Dispatch has been extremely vital to the success of the South Shore Line as a whole. Them being in attendance today was a true testament to the team aspect that is within the South Shore Line company – everyone is in it together to get the job done. 

“For dispatch, I believe that we are the core of the railroad. We run trains through our CAD system, which is a computer-aided dispatching system, along with lining up trains, routing them, and telling them where to go. All of the departments look to us on doing their job duties and going out and doing the miscellaneous things,” said Chief Dispatcher Sara Krga.

With such big projects up-ahead, many candidates brought their resumes in and had a sit-down, in-person interview with the department(s) they felt best fit them. This allowed each supervisor to get to know each job-seeker and see if they are qualified for said job opportunity. 

“Today's event is taking place so that we are able to get staffed up and ready for the opening of our two projects, a double track project that opens in May of 2024 and the West Lake corridor that is going to open in May of 2025. We need to get people hired now and get them trained,” said Human Resources Generalist Melissa Jones.

The South Shore Line holding this job fair allowed everyone to come together and not only submit their applications, but gain more knowledge on the company as a whole and understand each department and what goes into their everyday role.

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