By: Barbara Jo Adkins Last Updated: February 27, 2013

Zack-winter-93-94Another snow filled day. Kids’ dreams are dashed as there will not be a snow day today. So to make the most of it, they rush to the bus stop early in hopes of getting a snowball fight started with the other kids.

We may see the snow as slush and muck or an interference with our morning commute, but remember when you were young. I remember walking to school with Joey and Missy and my sister Becky and by the time we arrived at school we would be drenched in snow. None of us had snow- pants back then so we would sit all day in class with wet pants. We didn’t complain because we were thinking about the snow fort we were going to build after school.

This morning was no different, as I was taking my own kids to school, I saw several bus stops full of children dodging snowballs and laughing. It reminded me of my children running down to the bus stop in their moonboots and snow-pants doing the same thing. My kids are grown now and in college and high school, and are more inclined towards snowboarding, but I loved reminiscing and talking with them on the way to school about how much fun they used to have playing in the snow and throwing snowballs at each other.

As the snow is falling today, think about that fort you built as a kid. And when your kid gets home from school start a snowball fight and laugh with them. Enjoy the snow.