Secure Dental offers friendly, patient-focused atmosphere

Secure Dental offers friendly, patient-focused atmosphere
By: Julia Demma Last Updated: September 18, 2019

When patients visit Secure Dental, they’re treated with the highest standard of care. The dedicated and caring staff, including owners Dr. Noel Liu and Dr. Nazish Jafri, remain attentive to each patient’s needs and strive to be helpful throughout their time spent in the office, performing every service with a smile and with the patient’s best interest in mind.

Secure Dental offers a wide range of services to patients, including dental cleanings designed to improve smiles and prevent tooth decay. In addition to extractions, dentists also offer dental implants, which keep remaining teeth in place and aid with everyday tasks, such as talking and chewing. Dentures are another option for anyone with multiple missing teeth. Patients will also find that the office provides sealants, same-day crowns, and screenings for oral cancer.

Secure Dental values staying current by using the latest technologies. For starters, all charts are paperless and are digitally recorded. This feature minimizes mistakes made by bad handwriting. Digital X-rays and digital imaging provide instant results, and intraoral imaging makes it easy to spot diseases and cracks that otherwise would be hard to see.

The friendly atmosphere and patient-focused environment at Secure Dental is one that patients have come to love and appreciate. It is a non-judgmental practice that believes in accepting patients from all walks of life. Whether a patient has insurance, Medicaid, or neither, they are welcome at Secure Dental.

“The main thing we believe is that dentistry shouldn’t be very expensive—it should be very affordable for patients from every walk of life,” Jafri said.

Care for patients extends to the warm environment created at Secure Dental. When patients walk through the doors, they are greeted with a friendly smile and treated with generosity. The helpful team works hard to remain attentive to each patient’s needs and assist them through every step of their care. Plus, Secure Dental always keeps a clean office and plays background music in the lobby to help patients feel at home.

“We see a wide variety of patients, from infants to elderly,” said Alexia Fitzwater, Dental Hygienist at Secure Dental. “I build trust with my patients by having clear communication with them. I like to make sure we are on the same page and be honest and upfront with them, so they know what’s happening.”

As Willard noted, staff at Secure Dental genuinely has patients’ best interests at heart and will do everything they can to help you achieve optimal oral health. Each member of the knowledgeable team will clearly explain treatment options, provide honest recommendations, and will never pressure patients to do anything they don’t want or need.

It can be difficult to find a dentist that not only delivers quality care, but also treats its patients as more than just a number. Patients at Secure Dental are always treated as individuals. The team knows that each one has unique needs, and the staff does everything they can to fulfill them. Relationships are highly valued.

“What makes us most proud at the end of the day is our patients’ satisfaction,” Liu said. “Ultimately, when they are satisfied, that is what makes us most happy because that is what we strive for—trying not only to be good, but exceptional for them.”

A happy, fulfilling result is Secure Dental’s main goal.

“I just love the fact that when I’m done treating them, I get a huge smile from them, and they might not have smiled in a long time,” Jafri said.

To learn more about Secure Dental visit their website at or give them a call at (219) 364-6385.