Second Year of Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained Experiences Great Turnout

By: Chesterton High School Last Updated: April 22, 2011

CHS-local-artist-Marge-Crawford-discusses-work-with-Abi-indstedtChesterton High School's Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained IB Advanced Art Exhibit launched Wednesday night April 20th to a steady stream of visitors and well wishers who came to view the young artists creative achievements. This work is the result of a year's journey of investigative research and creative application. Students chose unique paths and subjects, used media with invention and imagination and now present their resolve in an exhibit space designed and staged by them as a final part of their course work. Many frames and display panels were donated by interested Chesterton community members who have been supportive of this two year old event.

Teacher Kirsten Renehan, comments that this exhibit process and the interaction of students sharing their work and its inspiration and intention with others is indeed a cause for camaraderie and citizenship. It impacts them and others. At this point they have a new understanding of what art can do--it engages and can visually speak for them. Art becomes a responsibility, a cause and a powerful way to communicate. The exhibit concludes April 21.