Sand Creek’s Junior Golf Membership Gives Young Executives Chance to Network in Style

Sand Creek’s Junior Golf Membership Gives Young Executives Chance to Network in Style
By: Steven Neville Last Updated: June 15, 2016

Young professionals are two things: still working their way up the professional ladder, and reliant on networking to help them climb.

These success-driven professionals don’t have the means that some of their more established counterparts might have, but they still want the chance to mix and mingle with those that can help them reach their goals, and want the chance to impress people that might help them succeed in the business world.

Fortunately for young professionals in the Northwest Indiana area, the prestigious Sand Creek Country Club, nestled in the heart of the up-and-coming Chesterton area, has a program that recognizes the wants and desires of young professionals and offers the opportunity for them to meet and network in the most beautiful and powerful mobile office one could ever ask for:

The golf course.

It’s called the Junior Golf program and its focus is allowing Region-area professionals under the age of 39. What it does it provides the opportunity to experience the personal and professional benefits of belonging to a country club at a cost they can afford.

In other words, the Junior Golf program is an investment in the future of Northwest Indiana’s next generation; a resource to help them succeed.

“This is young professionals’ chance to meet others with similar goals and aspirations, and a chance to play on one of the finest golf courses in the Midwest at the same time,” said Sand Creek Marketing Director, Noreen Perl. “We have a number of younger, well-known individuals in The Region our course of a way of taking their business relationships to the next level.”

In other words, what the membership offers on the course is 4-5 of one-on-one time with a mentor, potential business partner, sale, or anyone else you’re looking to connect with, in a setting that sets you apart from the others.

But becoming a Junior Golf members doesn’t just have its perks on the green, the membership also allows you access to the club’s other amenities, and the chance to network on the tee or with a cup of tea.

“The Junior Golf membership is not a distilled version of Sand Creek,” added Perl. “It’s a full golf membership with access to the club’s amenities, offered at a price young professionals can afford.”

“That’s really what it’s for, giving young professionals and executives the chance to experience Sand Creek at a price point that works on their budget.”

To learn more about how to take advantage of Sand Creek Country's Club Junior Golf Program for young executives, click here.