Sand Creek Country Club Members Test Out State-of-the-Art Golfing Technology at Demo Day and Cool Off at the School’s Out Pool Party

Sand Creek Country Club Members Test Out State-of-the-Art Golfing Technology at Demo Day and Cool Off at the School’s Out Pool Party
By: Curtis Hankins Last Updated: June 2, 2018

It might not look it to the layman, but golf is one of the most high-tech sports around. Golf club manufacturers are constantly competing to put out the highest quality drivers, putters, and more. Sand Creek Country Club knows just how valuable staying on the cutting edge of equipment is for its members, so every year they organize a “Demo Day,” where some of the premier golf equipment providers set-up shop at Sand Creek’s driving range and allow members to test their latest products.

Members both new and old tested clubs from companies like Callaway, TaylorMade, Titlest, and more on Tuesday. The gathering proved to be as much a social event as a test-run, with members enjoying free beer and hot dogs during their day at the range. Demo Day is a way for members to both bond and keep themselves competitive.

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“This is the only time we have an event like this all year,” said Cory Blanchard, Head Golf Professional at Sand Creek. “It’s a fun way to get out and see the range, try new clubs, and see all the latest and greatest technology and equipment from our vendors.”

Long-time golfers at Sand Creek always look forward to Demo Day, as the constantly improving technology improves their game.

“A lot of these companies come out with new equipment every year, and as technology changes, it can help people’s games,” said Jeffrey Ryan, a Sand Creek member for more than 20 years. “I can tell you from my own experience. I used to play at a very minor-league professional level, but now I’m hitting the ball farther than I was 25 years ago. Every so often you need to go through the process of having equipment fitted for you, and that’s why days like this are so helpful.”

Other than Demo Day, Sand Creek offers exceptional value for its members, includingthree nine-hole courses of varied levels of difficulty and scenery, lessons from professionals like Blanchard, and much more.

“We’re the premier club in all of Northern Indiana,” said former Club Captain Bob Scheller. “The only place that comes close to us in all of the 12 million things that make up a prestigious golf course like ours is in Indianapolis.”

After an afternoon of trying out new golfing technology at Demo Day, it was time to kick back and enjoy the hot afternoon by the pool. Sand Creek hosted Saturday’s School’s Out Pool Party, a fun event that welcomed families and kids to celebrate the beginning of summer. Kids of all ages and their families gathered around the Sand Creek pool for an afternoon full of cannonballs, trips down the giant blue slide, and a delicious lunch.

From golfing and friendly competition to jumping into the pool and splashing around, Sand Creek has something to offer for everyone regardless of age. Learn more at