Sand Creek Country Club Member Testimonial: Nicky Ali Jackson

Sand Creek Country Club Member Testimonial: Nicky Ali Jackson
By: Curtis Hankins Last Updated: March 2, 2020

Nicky Ali Jackson first joined Sand Creek Country Club 13 years ago. More than that, she’s a resident of the Sand Creek subdivision thanks in large part to the club, which is located just across the street.

“People told us the area was beautiful, that the country club was gorgeous, and that we just needed to check it out,” Jackson said. “So we went ahead and visited the club and found it to be incredibly family-friendly. Seeing that, we decided to buy a lot in Sand Creek and build a home there.”

At the time, she and her husband’s children were still in school, so they wanted to find a community and club that did more than offer golf and activities for adults. Sand Creek Country Club fit the bill perfectly.

“They’ve got great golf courses, but there are also things like the pool,” Jackson said. “When my kids were young, they were a part of the Kid’s Club. I could drop them off and they’d get to spend the day with their friends fishing, playing tennis, swimming, and eating. It was always just a really fun summer for them when they were part of the Kid’s Club.”

Sand Creek Country Club packs its calendar full of family-friendly events. One is the Cardboard Regatta, where participants race boats made out of cardboard. There are plenty of holiday events too, like Jackson’s favorite, the Annual Tree Lighting.

“I absolutely love the tree lighting, it’s one of my favorite things about the Club,” she said. “There’s also the Labor Day event, which is really family-friendly. The kids get to run around all kinds of tents and games, it’s good to see them having so much fun.”

In addition to all of the fun events, great facilities, and excellent staff, the thing that always impresses Jackson most about the club is the strong community built around it all.

“It’s about all the friendships we’ve made over the years, it’s pretty remarkable,” she said. “You can walk into the club and it’s like seeing all of your old family and friends. It’s such a wonderful and warm environment.”

Sand Creek Country Club offers Jackson a kind of experience she had never experienced at any other club.

“I’ve been to other clubs, so I can actually compare,” Jackson said. “The staff here are wonderful, the facilities are always clean, and it’s just a really nice, warm, and fun place to be.”

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