Sand Creek Country Club Celebrates the End of Summer and Community at Annual Labor Day Party

Sand Creek Country Club Celebrates the End of Summer and Community at Annual Labor Day Party
By: Mandy Haack Last Updated: September 3, 2018

In its second decade, the Sand Creek Country Club has continued to recognize and thank its loyal patrons for their extraordinary support by hosting their annual Labor Day Party. With over 400 people in attendance, the Labor Day celebration is one of the largest events Sand Creek hosts, inviting guests and their families to enjoy the last hoorah of summer.

The event was held in the grounds of Sand Creek Country Club and included bouncy houses, games, and a putt-putt contest. A lovely display of fireworks topped off the evening of the summer celebration.

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Labor Day Party is not only a chance for patrons to ring in the end of summer, but also to give back to the loyal guests who make Sand Creek Country Club a home away from home. The Alice Wesson Scholarship, a tradition that began to honor Alice Wesson, a past employee of 18 loyal years, who passed in 2000, is awarded to a Sand Creek employee or child of an employee. This year the scholarship was given to Matt Jewison, an employee who attends Purdue University to study mechanical engineering.

“The annual $2,000 Alice Wesson Memorial Scholarship is funded by our members,” said Kyle Lundy, General Manager at Sand Creek Country Club, about the award and its history. “We want to thank the members for their generosity. Because of them, Alice Wesson’s memory lives on at Sand Creek through this annual scholarship.”

Shelby Goldman, an attendee, has continued to return to the traditional event with her family and friends. She was playing with her young daughter, who was having a blast in the sand pit.

“I’m here with my family and friends every year,” Goldman said. “It gives the opportunity for a great time for us to come together and see all the kids. There’s food, activities, and entertainment; It’s an end of summer tradition.”

Lundy spoke about how the event is truly a “thank you” to their guests at Sand Creek.

“This event has been going on for many years. We host it for our members and their guests,” Lundy said. “It’s a celebration of both the Labor Day weekend holiday and the end of the summer for many of our members.”

The Labor Day Party at Sand Creek Country Club is a tradition that will continue on next summer. Sand Creek Country Club members are sure to feel another successful summer come to an end and are ready to jump into the fall season.

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