Rocky Schiralli

By: Karin Woodside Last Updated: March 1, 2010

A native of Northwest Indiana, Rocky Schiralli received his Bachelor's degree from Indiana University, and his Master's degree in psychology from West Georgia College. His first job in the psychology profession was at Southlake Mental Health, along with managing the health services for the Sheriff's department at the Lake County Jail.

In 1998, Rocky began working with Porter-Starke, managing the children's adolescent addiction program. Today, he serves as CEO of Porter-Starke.

The mission at Porter-Starke is to improve the quality of life within our communities. They recognize an individual's quality of life depends on more than the areas of behavioral health, mental health, or addictions. Working with their clients, they strive to improve the overall quality of life, in addition to the specific problem area they are dealing with.